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Hiking in Greece: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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The land of the mythical Mount Olympus is a paradise for hikers!

With most of its territory covered by mountains and hills, Greece is a hiking paradise. Come discover landscapes with amazing views, small villages, crystal clear rivers while you enjoy Greece’s sunshine and Mediterranean weather, and you can even climb Mount Olympus, the mountain of the Greek gods! The islands also offer great hiking trails. You could hike around the White Mountains in Crete or explore the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea. The Tymfi Massif in the Pindus range is another great option for great treks. Take a pick from our selection of trips and explore some of the best corners of Greece with a local guide! Explore-Share only promotes mountain trips led by certified guides. 

Hiking in Greece

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FAQs: Hiking in Greece

What should I know about Hiking Greece?

Greece is more than just world-class beaches and ancient civilization. The hiking trails snaking across its remarkable terrain are just as phenomenal, stretching into its highest mountains and most isolated islands. Many of the trails do not require a substantial amount of experience, though you should have enough fitness to comfortably enjoy a week of sustained walking and hiking. Some of the top objectives in the country, like Mt. Olympus, may also include scrambling or more technical aspects for more ambitious hikers and climbers.

Why should I choose Greece for my Hiking adventure?

Work Hard, Play Hard!

Many of the programs in Greece are comfortable but sustained week-long adventures. What better way to complete a pleasant circuit through the Pindus Mountains than to supplement it with a week lying on a Mediterranean island? Or better yet: another week-long trek on Crete!

Flora and Fauna!

The plant life and wildlife across Greece is fascinating. It contains many species endemic to its wide spectrum of ecosystems that include ancient species of both plants and animals. Mt. Olympus alone was named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve because of its wild inhabitants. Coupled with the historic geology and renowned mythology spread throughout the country, it’s hard to come up with a more intriguing place to take a hike.

Multiply Your Fun!

With so many hikes in so many parts of the country, you could spend a lifetime perusing the enchanting nooks and crannies of Greece. The diverse landscapes from summit to sand extend across history similar to its history, one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy an iconic and legendary location in a tangible way. You can also add some spice to a hiking excursion by including a ski touring jaunt or an afternoon of rock climbing. Anything is possible in Greece, so why not have an adventure of mythical proportion?

What can I expect from the weather in Greece?

Mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers define this classic Mediterranean locale. Snowfall is not uncommon at high altitudes, so an alpine climate can be expected at some places.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Greece?


What currency is accepted in Greece?

Euro (EUR)

How many days should I allocate for my Greece Hiking experience?

With islands sprouting up all over the Mediterranean and a sharp distinction between each of its regions, Greece is a destination that begs a lengthy stay. Many programs last from one to two weeks, and an ascent up Olympus generally takes at least two or three days. Patch together a few different adventures and you’ll have a summer swimming in Greek intrigue.

What’s the country code of Greece?


What’s the high season for Hiking in Greece?

The months from June to September are the best for hiking in higher altitude locations in Greece, though you can find great programs all year round. Crete and other low-elevation spots will have a wide array of treks to choose from.

What people are saying about Hiking | Greece



Great trip! Dimitris is professional and has a lot knowledges. I really enjoyed the trip with Dimitris , everything was organized in line of my wishes and we achieved all my aims of the trip in Parnitha . I recommend Dimitris to anyone who wants to explore and enjoy the nature of Greece .



Don't think I would have reached the peak without Akis. Akis made my son's 21st birthday special by producing a cake with a candle at the top of Mt Olympus.


Dimitris was an amazing guide. Very knowledgeable, safe, and has a great personality. Would definitely use him again.



Amazing site. Helped but me in touch with Babis Marinidis. Fantastic mountain guide, super helpful and attentive to needs. Made my climbing of Mt. Olympus so much fun. Could not recommend Explore-share or Babis more!


Pick-up service, good hiking & good humor! And Dimitris also remembered to send us the photos he took, even though he was just going away. What else could one hope for? We are hoping to use his services again :)

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