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Montenegro is a small country in the Balkans in southeast Europe on the Balkans. Its name means “Black Mountain” and refers to Mount Lovćen, which is a forested mountain in the southwest of the mountain. Mount Orjen is another important landmark in the country, and between the two peaks is the Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor, a UNESCO world heritage site. Bobotov Kuk is located in northern Montenegro and is the highest peak is the Durmitor mountain range, another top spot for hiking in Montenegro. At 2,534 m (8,314 ft), Zla Kolata is the highest mountain in the country, located in the Albanian Alps.

Due to its wide variety of landscapes and rich biodiversity, Montenegro is a top hiking spot in Europe. Whether you prefer hiking along the shores of the Adriatic Sea or exploring unique caves and rock formations, or prefer lush green fields and forests, you will find the perfect landscape for you. Furthermore, the country’s rich history and culture, delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife make it a great location for an active holiday that combines the best of all worlds.

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The Montenegro climate is the Mediterranean and heavy rains fall after summer until spring.


Montenegrin is the national language, along with the official languages of Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, and Croatian.

Currency of Montenegro


How to get to Montenegro

Montenegro has two international airports, one is in Podgorica, the capital, and the other is in Tivat, on the coast.

Montenegro Country Code


Best time to visit Montenegro

The summer months between June and September are ideal for hiking in Montenegro.






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