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Ice Climbing in Iceland: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Discover the best frozen ascents on a fascinating Nordic island country!

With a winding coastline of fjords and a climate conducive to ice climbing, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Iceland! Always talked about but not always experienced, an ice climbing trip to the magical terrain just outside of the Arctic Circle is a bucket list item for the most ruthless mountaineers and climbers!

Top ice climbing trips | Iceland

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FAQs: Ice Climbing in Iceland

What should I know about Ice Climbing Iceland?

Iceland is an island nation set in the North Atlantic. It has a Scandinavian heritage and is known across the globe for its remote location and sparse population. For sport enthusiasts and thrill seekers, this is a perfect combination for adventure. As the countryside unrolls from the hub of Reykjavik, coastline fjords, active volcanoes, and unbelievable waterfalls all present exciting objectives for climbers and mountaineers. With parks like Vatnajokull and Skaftafell, there is ample terrain to climb and enjoy. The town of Isafjordur is the gateway to the West Fjords, which allow you an eclectic course of climbing that can last an afternoon or an entire week.

Why should I choose Iceland for my Ice Climbing adventure?

Northern Lights!

Not every trip features endless sunsets and the Aurora Borealis. But this time, you're in luck! Polish off a day climbing a stunning wall of ice with the endless sun of summer or the northern lights of autumn and winter!

Unique Geology!

The volcanic activity of Iceland is compelling. Its a great way to add to an experience climbing across its unusual terrain. From geysers to full-fledged volcanoes, your climbing trip can only be enhanced by efforts to learn about the amazing landscape across the island.

Remote Paradise!

Don't worry about crowds - they simply don't exist! Your climbing trip will be personal and fulfilling, no matter when you decide to go. Take advantage of this incredible land and make the most of a trip catered just for you!

What is the Weather Like

Iceland has a sub-polar and tundra climate. It should come as no surprise that cold temperatures dominate this island, with the south being slightly warmer with more precipitation and stronger weather.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Iceland?


What currency is accepted in Iceland?

Icelandic krona (ISK)

How to Get There

All roads in Iceland lead to Reykjavik. Generally speaking, getting to the island most likely involves an international flight to its capital. A network of roads can get you where you need to go to begin your adventure.

What’s the country code of Iceland?


What’s the high season for Ice Climbing in Iceland?

There are ample tours year round. There are an abundance of frozen waterfalls during the winter months, but you shouldn't have trouble finding ice climbing routes regardless of when you go.

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Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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