Mountain Biking in Kenya

Cycle among the stunning raw beauty of Kenya

Located along the equator in eastern Africa, the mountains, great parks and natural reserves of Kenya create the ideal terrain for mountain biking adventures. Adrenaline-fuelled tours also take you past the iconic wildlife of the region. Visit all-year round for varying conditions for exciting mountain biking adventures.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Biking in Kenya

The mountains in central Kenya were formed around 3 million years ago and had been covered by a layer of ice for several years before the glaciations. Its slopes are now covered by an alpine forest, which is an important source of water for more than 2 million homes. Vast reserves and national parks spread out across Kenya.


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Kenyan Shilling (KES)

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Visit all-year round for varying conditions for exciting mountain biking adventures


English and Kiswahili are the official languages, as well as a great variety of tribal languages

What’s the weather like?

The climate on the coast is more stable than in the central region, where the savannah usually has extremely high temperatures. However, at the top of the Arberdares, or on Mount Kenya, there are temperatures below zero degrees

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Located in eastern Africa along the Indian Ocean, Kenya hosts a population of 48 million. To the north the country is bordered by South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. To the south it is bordered by Tanzania, and to the west by Uganda as well as Lake Victoria. The mountains of Kenya are known to be sacred places that host endless rituals

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