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Mount Vinson and the surrounding massif were discovered by the U.S. Navy in 1958.

The massif and peak sit within the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains at the base of the Antarctic Peninsula. The mountain overlooks the Ronne Iceshelf and provides excellent views out over the continent.

The first successful ascent of the peak took place in 1967 and since then many more of attempted and made it to the top of the summit. Any ascent of Mount Vinson is not to be taken lightly. The weather can get incredibly bad very quickly and not every trip to the mountain ends in success.

In spite of the relative ease of the climb, you should dedicate three weeks to the entire endeavour, which gives you a large window of extra days in case the weather gets bad.




Good to Know


What’s the weather like?

In the summer, average daily temperatures rarely exceed freezing and at higher elevations are often well-below. Light is almost constant at this time of the year as well, which makes sunburn an ever-present risk.

How to get there:

Any trip to Antarctica begins with a flight into the international airport in Punta Arenas (PUQ), which offers direct flights from the airport in Santiago (SCL). Most guides will opt to meet you here or in the city prior to flying to Antarctica.


Most guides speak English.

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Most guides charge fees in US dollars.

Best time to climb:

December to January






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