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Climbing Ritacuba Blanco

The mighty Ritacuba Blanco is a majestic, mythical and glorious sight, towering above the lush lowlands in the Colombian Andes. Mountain climbing on this special mountain is a truly sublime experience.

Ritacuba Blanco (5410m) is the highest mountain of the Colombian Andes Cordillera Oriental, and the second highest in the country, with its massive glacier and beautiful views from the summit drawing in many mountain climbers each year. There are a variety of routes and trails available to mountain climb up Ritacuba Blanco, with each entailing many different and unique characteristics. Take a pick from our selection of mountain climbing trips on Ritacuba Blanco, and prepare to be thrilled!

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Ritacuba Blanco

Ritacuba Blanco is regarded as one of the most beautiful mountains in Colombia, nestled within the picture-perfect and gorgeous National Park Cocuy and its amazing surroundings of stunning lakes, valleys and tropical forest. The sweeping panoramic views from the summit look back over this tranquil Colombian countryside, re-enforcing its status as a truly exquisite mountain.


Good to know:

Country Code





Colombian Peso

Best time to visit

December-March, which is a dry season in Colombia

How to get there

From Bogota, it is approximately 387km (8 hours) drive via car or bus to Guican, which is where most climbs begin


Vary little temperature variation during the year, with 20 degrees celsius the average daytime temperature. Wet seasons from April-May and October-November

More info about Mountain Climbing in Ritacuba Blanco:

Some of the climbing routes up Ritacuba Blanco can be quite challenging, so having a decent level of fitness and some previous mountain climbing experience is recommended. The weather can turn quite quickly in the area, particularly at night, so please pack and wear appropriately warm mountain climbing clothing so as not to get caught out

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