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Mountain Climbing in Ioannina

Don't miss the chance to discover the stunning peaks of the Pindus range on an exciting mountain climbing adventure in Ioannina, Greece.

Ioannina is located in the Epirus region of Greece and is one of the largest regional units in the country. Lake Ioannina, also known as Lake Pamvotida, is located in this region and is the largest lake in Epirus. Additionally, Ioannina is home to many stunning peaks that belong to the Pindus range, including Mount Smolikas, which is the second-highest mountain in Greece. Find the perfect certified guide for your mountain climbing trip at Explore-Share.com and discover the amazing peaks of Ioannina.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Ioannina

At 2,637 m (8,652 ft), Mount Smolikas is the highest mountain of the Pindus Mountains and the second-highest in Greece after Mount Olympus. It is only one of many in the range worth exploring on an exciting mountain climbing adventure.


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How to get there

You can take a local flight to Ioannina, drive or take a bus

Best time to visit

The spring and autumn are the best times to visit. While you can have a great climb from May to October, the summer months may be uncomfortably hot for climbing


Summer highs in Ioannina are around 30.8 C (87.4 F) and winter lows are around 0.2 C (32.4 F) with cooler temperatures at higher altitudes, and snow in the mountains during the winter season

More info about Mountain Climbing in Ioannina:

Located in the Greek Epirus region, Ioannina is a breathtaking location for mountain climbing adventures.  It is dominated by the Pindus mountains in the east, by the Xerovounio mountains in the south and by the Tomaros in the southwest. The Vikos–Aoös National Park is also located in this region, a unique place for outdoor adventures. Not only will you find a wide variety of mountain climbing options in Ioannina, but you will also revel at the Greek culture and history. Don’t miss the chance to visit this stunning location in Greece, find a certified guide at Explore-Share.com and discover the awe-inspiring peaks of this region on an unforgettable mountain climbing adventure!

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