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Whether you head out wildlife watching in Alaska or try scuba diving among the coral reefs of the Virgin Islands, there are plenty of incredible nature discovery programs to try out. From seeing as much wildlife as you can to orienteering, there are no shortage of great activities that are perfect for anyone! Compare and book a certified guide for your trip on 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our selection of Nature Discovery trips in the United States. The mountains are calling!

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Boasting rugged and snow-capped mountains, shimmering deserts, massive glaciers, tropical islands and thick woodlands, there is plenty of incredible scenery to get out and experience in the United States. Heading on a nature discovery adventure is a great way to get out of the cities and into the U.S.’s sublime wildernesses and landscapes.


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This largely depends on where you want to go. Dozens of international airports throughout the country are well-connected by roadways. From the airport to which you head, the best way to get to the start of the trip is by renting a car

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Due to its large size, the “U.S. has multiple climates. However, most of the country is cool to cold in the winter and warm to hot in the summer. Precipitation also varies. Many areas get plenty of rain year-round, while others are much drier

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Sprawling over 9,833,520 square kilometers (3,796,742 square miles), the United States is the fourth largest and one of the most diverse countries on earth. It goes without saying that there are plenty of great places to head out on a nature discovery adventure. Among the favorites is to head out to Alaska for a wildlife discovery tour. Most visitors opt to head on a two-week tour, which provides plenty of great opportunities to see plenty of incredible animals and numerous stunning landscapes. Another popular nature discovery option is to head backpacking and camping near Lake Tahoe, California. Along with learning some wilderness survival and navigation skills, backpacking and camping are great ways to connect with nature and enjoy being out of doors

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