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South Korea

Enjoy a unique outdoor adventure in South Korea with one of the guides at Explore-Share.com.

Discover the beautiful mountains, coastal plains and rivers of South Korea on a unique outdoor adventure. Enjoy hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing and more with one of the guides featured on Explore-Share.com!

There are many reasons for choosing South Korea

South Korea boasts 17 mountainous national parks. The largest, with a surface area of 472 km2 (182 sq mi), is Jirisan.


Good to know:

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Best time to visit

During the spring (between March and May), and during the autumn months (between September and November)

How to get there

You can fly to Gimpo International Airport in Seoul, or to Incheon International Airport which has been rated the best airport worldwide


South Korea has well defined seasons, and dramatically cold winters as well as extremely hot and rainy summers. These variations in temperature depend on location, the coast is warmer than the mountains, but is the general trend throughout the country

More info about South Korea:

South Korea is surrounded by the Yellow Sea to the west, the Sea of Japan to the east, and the Korea Strait and the East China Sea to the south. Not only does it have a stunning coastline, but it also boasts amazing mountainous regions and lively rivers. This makes it a top location for outdoor adventures, whether up high or by the sea. Don’t miss the chance to discover this amazing destination with one of the certified guides at Explore-Share.com!

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