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Poland is a great option in Europe for winter sports. Enjoy the amazing Polish slopes on a thrilling splitboarding adventure led by one of the guides at Explore-share.com!

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Poland is famous for its snowy white winter, perfect for those who love skiing, splitboarding and snowboarding out in the wild! If you’re tired of crowded ski resorts, then this vibrant country in northeast Europe is perfect for your next winter sport adventure! In the Carpathian Mountains, the Polish High Tatras are perfect for some off-piste adventures, where you will find untouched snow, great pine tree runs and maybe  brown bears, wolves, chamois, and lynxes. Furthermore, the authentic Polish culture, makes this destination a fantastic spot to experience the rich local identity while drinking vodka and whistltling to a fiddle on your time off the slopes! Also, due to the wide variety of options, Poland is a great winter sport option for different levels, which makes it a great destination to go with the family! A certified local guide will be able to show you the best spots for your level, while giving you the 411 on everything you need to know about the Polish mountains!




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From late October to April, temperatures in the mountains are usually below freezing and there is a lot of snow fall. During late spring towards early autumn, temperatures are usually mild.




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How to get there

You can fly into many Polish cities and there are low cost flights available from the UK. You can also take a ferry from one of the neighboring Scandinavian countries, or get to Poland by car or train.

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Best time to visit

Between November and April are the best months for splitboarding in Poland.






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Andreas Tveter
My trip with Zosia was a total disappointment. To start, she has never splitboarded herself. She is a touring skier. She was not nice in her communication when I was still back home. She sent me a phone number of the splitboard rental in Poland and I had to call myself to Poland to make rerservations. All the communication was in short and unfriendly messages like \'\'call him\'\' and \'\'I am busy\'\'. She wrote me that I would have to pay extra for the spiltboard rent and an avalanche set. Once in Zakopane I found out I also had to rent seperately snowboard boots. And for the bus to the ski station, and for the entrance of the national park. Furthermore she took me on the main ski station of Zakopane. We went up for about 4 hours, on a pretty busy route with other touring skiers. I was really surprised to find out that the way down was no more than 30% off piste, the rest of the route was on a regular slope. And such a flat slope that with my snowboard I had to walk several times and use the poles to advance. And then when we got back to Zakopane it got really nasty. She wanted more money because I brought a friend along, and her price is E200,- if she takes more than one person on her tour (I paid her E150,-through explore share for a private tour). But she sent me a whatsapp in the morning of our trip to ask me if I was ok if she brings two other clients along, and my friend could come along without any extra cost. I agreed, but when she showed up she was alone. At the end of the day she insisted that I paid more because I brought my friend. Even though I made perfectly clear that I would not bring my friend along if it ment I had to pay more. I refused to pay her more and she got so angry that she blocked me the way at the door at the splitboard rental place. She insulted me saying I was poor girl and that I was crazy in my head and not a nice person. So I would not recommend this certified mountain guide, who is in my opinion poor in (english) communication and social skills.
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Irene Cuijpers
Zosia is probably the best guide you can find for ski touring in the Tatras Mountains. She made this tour such an amazing and unforgettable experience. Something unique to experience at least once in a lifetime. Highly recommended!
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Iain Downie



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