Discover the amazing landscapes of Taiwan on an unforgettable outdoor adventure!

Located in East Asia, Taiwan is a beautiful island state, waiting for you to discover it! Enjoy hiking, rock climbing, diving and more in this beautiful location that has paradisiacal beaches, stunning mountains and lush forests with diverse wildlife.

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There are many reasons for choosing Taiwan

The beautiful Taiwan East Coast is lined by the Pacific Ocean and is home to the Taroko Gorge National Park, the Zhuilu Old Trail and more amazing spots for outdoor adventures!


Good to know:

Country code



Mandarin Chinese


New Taiwan dollar

Best time to visit

September to November


Long, hot summers that go from April to October and mild winters characterize the climate of Taiwan

How to get there

The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the most important airport, and the Taichun and Tainan also receive international flights from nearby countries. You can also get there by boat from China

More info about Taiwan:

Taiwan is an island state in East Asia surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean, and of the China Sea. Mountain ranges dominate two-thirds of the island’s 35,808 sq. km. (13,826 sq mi) land area, making it an ideal spot for outdoor adventures. Nine national parks are located in the park. The South Penghu Marine National Park, the Taijiang National Park, the Dongsha Atoll National Park,  and Kenting National Park are all on the coast. Yushan National Park is the largest park on the island and home to Mount Jade, the highest peak in East Asia at an altitude of 3,952 m (12,966 ft). It lies in central Taiwan, as does the mountainous Shei-Pa National Park.  Yangmingshan National Park is also full of stunning peaks and famous for its flowers and its hot springs, while Taroko National Park is in the east and popular for its stunning marble gorge. Kinmen National Park lies on a small island off the coast of Taiwan’s main island and is a famous historical site as well as home to a unique wetland ecosystem. Join one of the certified guides on Explore-Share.com and discover the beautiful coast, mountains, and forests of Taiwan

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