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3-day scrambling trip in Alicante, Spain

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Join Daniel Alonso, an AEGM certified guide, on this amazing scrambling tour around the mountains of the province of Alicante, in Spain.

3 Days

Jan - Jun, Oct - Dec




Alicante is very well known for its beaches. But this province located in Spain is also one of the most mountainous of the country, with a total of 45 peaks over 1,000 meters. In this 3-day trip we will explore the area combining scrambling and hiking with the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the region of Alicante the mountains meet the Sea. The relief, steep and mountainous, is perfect for adventure. We will ascend by sharp rocky crests in a magnificent environment, always with stunning views of the Mediterranean.

First of all, we will visit Cresta de Bernia, located 63 km from the center of Alicante. To reach its summit we will use climbing equipment. You will be rewarded with fantastic views, and if you are lucky you will see a fox, a wild boar or a mountain goats.

We will also visit Cresta de las Jotas, a great route with imposing edges and an extraordinary environment. From the top we will see the summit of Cabezón de Oro (1210 m.) and its tree covered slopes.

Finally, we will also go to Cresta de las Cuevas, where we will need different climbing techniques. Up here the panoramic views of the Mediterranean and its beaches are amazing.

In addition, the region of Alicante is characterized by its excellent wines and local gastronomy. So your vacation will have everything you need: adventure and pleasure.

So, if you want to experience the great outdoors of Alicante, please contect me! Let me guide you through the best secrets of this natural beauty!

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Day 1: Cresta de Bernia

Day 2: Cresta de las Jotas

Day 3: Cresta de las Cuevas



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It is not necessary to have experience in climbing or mountaineering. It only requires not having vertigo and being used to walk on the mountain.

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