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8-day Mount Kilimanjaro trek via the Northern Circuit route

8-day Mount Kilimanjaro trek via the Northern Circuit route | undefined

Join one of our experienced and certified guides for an 8-day journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania along the beautiful Northern Circuit.


8 Days





* Enjoy an 8-day ascent of Kilimanjaro.

* Climb the famed peak along the new, long Northern Circuit Route.

* Spend your nights in various camps and huts.


New and long, the Northern Circuit route that will take you to the top of Kilimanjaro (5,895m) is an incredible opportunity for any adventurer looking to scale one of the world’s most famous mountains. And, for 8 days, we would like to guide you along this amazing route.

After we’ve picked you up from the Kilimanjaro International Airport and you’ve settled into a hotel in Moshi for the night, our journey will begin. Our trip up the Northern Circuit will begin in the West, at the Londorossi Gate. From there, we will follow the Lemosho Route for 2 days. After that, we will continue on, further and further up Kilimanjaro. And, at the end of each long, scenic and physically tiring day, we will rest in a different camp site or hut. Each site will provide you with a comfortable place where you can recharge for the following day’s ascent. Moreover, the views you will get of the night sky will take your breath away.

There are a number of amazing highlights to be seen along the Northern Circuit. They include the Shira Camps, the Shira Plateau, the Lava Tower and so much more. Finally, the feelings, as well as the views you will get to enjoy from the summit of the peak are spectacular in every way.

Participants on this trip should be in good physical condition.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is an experience you will cherish for as long as you live. There is something uplifting and memorable about scaling such an iconic, majestic peak. To live that experience for 8-days, along the Northern Circuit Route, all you have to do is send a request.

We also offer a 9-day journey up Kilimanjaro along the Lemosho Route that includes a night at the Crater Camp.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

- Permit and entrance fees

- Mountain guide expenses

- Camping equipment tents

- Camping equipment sleeping pad


Day 1: Arrive in Tanzania

Day 2: Londorossi Gate (2,100 meters) – start point 2,360 meters to Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,820 meters)

Day 3: Mti Mkubwa Camp (2,820 meters) to Shira Camp 1 (3,610 meters)

Day 4: Shira Camp 1 (3,610 meters) to Moir Camp (4,200 meters)

Day 5: Moir Camp (4,200 meters) to Buffalo Camp (4,020 meters)

Day 6: Buffalo Camp (4,020 meters) to Rongai Third Cave (3,800 meters)

Day 7: 3rd Cave (3,800 meters) to School Hut (4,800 meters)

Day 8: School Hut (4,800 meters) to Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters) and then onto Millennium Camp (3,950 meters)

Day 9: Millennium Camp (3,950 meters) to Mweka Gate (1,640 meters) Distance: ~10km / 6.5 miles

Day 10: Depart Tanzania


About the guide

Guide profile image

Top Climbers



Tour Operator

My name is Manase Mwanga, I am the founder and Managing Director of Top Climbers Expedition, a small local company, offering a wide range of unique safaris, including Mount Kilimanjaro ascent, wildlife adventures, bike tours, beach holidays and cultural tourism. I am Tanzanian, born and raised in the Kilimanjaro region. I have extensive experience and a great team of people and guides, that guarantees the highest quality service to our clients.

As a Director my focus is on organizing tours with an ethical and professional approach to exceed tourist expectations. All our tours benefit native people i.e. hard-working local porters and guides by creating job opportunities in order to eradicate poverty. We utilize natural resources in a sustainable way, taking care of the benefits of it for present and future generations. We are not the agency that rents guides. WE are the guides and we always take care of your satisfaction.



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Thank you so much it was amazing, the climbing, the kilimanjaro and also Top Climbers was perfect. I recommend your organisation and the Kilimanjaro of course! Best regards Isabelle

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