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8-day Trek around the Tobavarchkhili lakes in Georgia | undefined
Small Tobavarchkili Lake
Trek around the Tobavarchkhili lakes in Georgia
Trek around the Tobavarchkhili lakes in Georgia
Trek around the Tobavarchkhili lakes in Georgia

8-day Trek around the Tobavarchkhili lakes in Georgia

Join a unique 8-day trek around the Tobavarchkili Lakes in Georgia, and discover one of the most fascinating natural areas in the country, along one of the experienced local guides of Toba Travel.




8 Days


Aug, Sep






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  • Cover a total distance of 45 km, surrounded by stunning natural beauty
  • Hike along beautiful meadows, forests and waterfalls
  • Discover the shepherds' way of life and visit traditional villages and towns


I invite you to join me on a great 8-day trek around the Tobavarchkhili Lakes in Georgia. These stunning lakes are located in the south of the Samegrelo Egrisi mountain range, one of the most amazing sites in the country.  The big and small Tobavarchkhili lakes lie deeply up in the Rocky Mountains, at 2500-2650 meters above sea level.

During these 8 days, we will cover a total distance of 45 km. Along the way, you will discover the wonderful natural beauty of this area, with waterfalls, rivers, caves, alpine and sub-alpine meadows, unique wildlife and broad-leaved forests.

You will also enjoy spectacular views over snow-capped mountains with the possibility of swimming in the small Tobavarchkhili lake. The tour also offers climbers the possibility of climbing Chitagvala, a rocky mountain (3225m).

You will also learn about the nomadic shepherds’ way of life, enjoying an unforgettable hiking experience, and tasting local specialties. These trek takes you to discover unotuched nature, camping in a different site every night. But you don’t have to worry about your luggage, as it will be carried by horses.

At the end of the trip, we will also visit Anaklia, a coast town, where you an enjoy the beach.  We will also visit the ancient city of Kutaisi, with some beautiful and interesting sites. You can check the day-by-day itinerary below.

Also, bear in mind the best time for a hiking trip in the Tobavarchkhili lakes is from mid-June to mid-September.

This trip is a unique possibility of immersing yourself into untouched nature, discovering some of the best landscapes in Georgia. So don’t hesitate to send me a request if you want to join me on this trip. Book your trip and come discover the amazing Tobavarchkhili lakes!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

- Luggage transfer

Price details

The price INCLUDES: Airport pick up and transfer;

Transportation expenses;

Luggage to be carried around by horse throughout the Tour;

Guide and assistant services;

Overnight in tents for 7 nights (sleeping bags etc);

One night at the hotel in Kutaisi;

One overnight stay in a guesthouse of town Anaklia, including Breakfast (8 times);

Lunch (8); Supper (6); Supper with shepherds; Supper (eat out at the restaurant);

First-aid medications; Entrance Fees to Canyon and Prometheus Cave.

Secure your spot with just 25% payment

48-hour free cancellation with 30-day advance booking


Day 0: Arrival - Pick up from Kutaisi Airport and hotel transfer

Day 1: Mukhuri village - Camp

After breakfast, and once all required equipment and provisions are inspected and packed, we will leave straight to Mukhuri village (by minivan or mini Bus). On our way, we will visit Gachedili Canyon.

After lunch, from Mukhuri, we will drive to the camping area by truck. It takes approximately 3-4 hours to cover a 32-kilometer section of the road, due to its poor condition. Along the way, we will visit the Shurubumu cave, the Ghunji waterfall and the Khobistskali river and beautiful gorge. In the evening, we will meet local horsemen, set up a tent, make a fire, have a late supper and a good night rest.

Driving distance by Mini Van (Kutaisi Mukhuri village ): 90 Km. (2 h.)
Driving by Truck: 32 Km. (3 h.)
Hiking: 1 km. (20 minutes)
Altitude (elevation) difference: 150 m – 1900 m.

Day 2: Small Tobavarchkhili Lake

Breakfast (7:00-8:00). After breakfast, without luggage, we will take the path to small Tobavarchkhili lake. On the way, you will enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views, mixed forests, alpine and sub alpine meadows and beautiful snowy mountain passes. On the way, we will stop to have a snack, a small camp will be set up and you will be able to swim in the Tobavarchkhili lake, enjoying beautiful views. We will have a late evening supper and rest.

Tour Details:
Hiking: 9 km. (4-6 h.)
Altitude (elevation) difference: 1900 m – 2750m.-2545 m.

Day 3: Big Tobavarchkhili Lake

Breakfast (9:00-10:00). After breakfast, we will take the path to the big Tobavarchkhili Lake. You will pass a picturesque rocky massif and pass, which connects large and small Tobavarchkhili lakes. We will set up camp, have lunch and watch a beautiful sunset. In the late evening, we will have supper and rest.

Tour Details
Hiking: 4km. (2-3 h)
Altitude (elevation) difference: 2545m -2900m -2650m

Day 4: Didghele Lakes - Views over Svaneti mountains and Elbrus

Breakfast (9:00-10:00). This day will be dedicated to the full exploration of  the Tobavarchkhili surroundings. We will visit Didghele water lakes, enjoying gorgeous views. From this place, you may even see the Svaneti Mountains and Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe. Climbers might enjoy climbing Chitagvala, a rocky mountain (3225 m/B-2). In the afternoon back to the camp, lunch, and plenty of time for fun before supper.

Tour Details:
Hiking: 5 km. (3-5 h)
Altitude (elevation) difference: 2650m. -2800m -2500m -2800m-2650m.

Day 5: Shepherds' dwellings - Toba Waterfall - Local specialties

Breakfast (9:00-10:00). After breakfast, walking down the beautiful paths towards the shepherds’ dwellings.  On the way, we visit the beautiful Toba waterfall. In the afternoon, native shepherds will welcome you with ecologically clean dairy products and delicious native Georgian meals such as elarji, gebzhalia, Ghomi Cheese-Sulguni, barbecue and so on. The camp will be set up near the edge of the river Magani, the fire will be made and late supper will be enjoyed in nature.

Hiking: 5Km. (2-4 h)
Altitude (elevation) difference: 2650 m. -2130 m.

Day 6: Hiking in the valley

Breakfast (9:00-10:00). After breakfast, we will walk down the picturesque valley, which is rich in endemic species of plants and mixed forests. The camp shall be set up at the confluence of rivers Maganasa and Jalara- We will make a fire, have supper and rest.

Tour Details
Hiking: 9Km. (4-5 h.)
Altitude (elevation) difference: 2130 m. -1000m.

Day 7: Kolkheti valley - Skuri village - Anaklia coast town

Breakfast (7:00-8:00).  After breakfast, we will take a path leading to summer pastures, called “Kirnakhona”. The view over the Kolkheti valley is incredibly beautiful. We will get down to the village Skuri by truck. Trip will be continued by minivan. You will be driven to the coast town Anaklia, where you can enjoy the beach. Overnight in a guesthouse.

Tour Details
Hiking: 11Km. (4-6 h.)

Altitude (elevation) difference 1000m -1250m. -1750 m.
Driving by truck: about 18 Km. (1 hour);
by Minivan: 65 Km. (1 hour and 30 Minutes)

Day 8: Kutaisi - Gelati Monastery -Bagrati Temple

Breakfast (9:00-10:00). Visiting Kutaisi (mini van or mini bus). Visiting Gelati Monastery and Bagrati Temple. After lunch, trip to Cave of Prometheus, which is about 30 minutes driving distance from Kutaisi. In the evening having a farewell dinner and transfer to the airport.

Tour Details
Hiking: 190 Km. (3 h.)


More info

Maximum group size: 25 people

Equipment: -Medications -Waterproof shoes -Sandals or Snickers -Warm jacket and raincoat -Warm hat -Sun hat -Sunglasses -Sunscreen Cream -Personal hygienic care products -Backpack

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About the guide: Toba

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Tour Operator

My name is Kakha Oghadze and I am the founder of Toba Travel.

Since 1998, I have spent all my leisure time travelling all across Georgia, including regions such as Abkhazia and Samachablo. In 2004, along with my friends, I created a popular Georgian Hiking Forum and was actively involved in different tourist events organized by the forum.

A couple of years later, in 2007, I started leading expeditions in Upper Svaneti and other areas in Georgia and then, in 2010, I finally established "Toba Travel" together with my good friend Johnny Kapanadze.



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We ended up in a storm on our first night in the mountains. Our tents broke and all of our stuff got soaked. Luckily, the van that had droped us of at the starting point, was still there to bring us to a safe hut. Instead of staying the night in that hut, Kacha and the driver thought is was better to drive all the way back down. This meant a more than two hour long trip, on a steap (up to 24%) and unsteady road in the dark and rain. The winds where so strong, some trees had fallen over the road and we got stuck halfway down. We had to spend over 17 hours packed together very unconfortably in the van, our clothes soaked and cold, since it was like 7 degrees Celcius outside. After being brougth safely to a guesthouse the next day, we hear we can't complete the trip we wanted to do, AND we have to pay up extra because we would be sleeping in guesthouses instead of tents (which were broken). Bottom line, the Tobavarchkhili lakes-tour is usually not done in July because of bad weather conditions. Our guide and Explore-Share did took the risk of taking us there anyway. And when it all went wrong, Explore-Share claimed they have nothing to do with it "because they were not there". So, we are disapointed by their lack of responsibility. I think Explore-Share is a great organisation if things go according to plan, but don't count on them when something goes wrong.

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