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My name is Kakha Oghadze and I am the founder of Toba Travel.

Since 1998, I have spent all my leisure time travelling all across Georgia, including regions such as Abkhazia and Samachablo. In 2004, along with my friends, I created a popular Georgian Hiking Forum and was actively involved in different tourist events organized by the forum.

A couple of years later, in 2007, I started leading expeditions in Upper Svaneti and other areas in Georgia and then, in 2010, I finally established "Toba Travel" together with my good friend Johnny Kapanadze.

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Fien Dams


August, 2023

We ended up in a storm on our first night in the mountains. Our tents broke and all of our stuff got soaked. Luckily, the van that had droped us of at the starting point, was still there to bring us to a safe hut. Instead of staying the night in that hut, Kacha and the driver thought is was better to drive all the way back down. This meant a more than two hour long trip, on a steap (up to 24%) and unsteady road in the dark and rain. The winds where so strong, some trees had fallen over the road and we got stuck halfway down. We had to spend over 17 hours packed together very unconfortably in the van, our clothes soaked and cold, since it was like 7 degrees Celcius outside. After being brougth safely to a guesthouse the next day, we hear we can't complete the trip we wanted to do, AND we have to pay up extra because we would be sleeping in guesthouses instead of tents (which were broken). Bottom line, the Tobavarchkhili lakes-tour is usually not done in July because of bad weather conditions. Our guide and Explore-Share did took the risk of taking us there anyway. And when it all went wrong, Explore-Share claimed they have nothing to do with it "because they were not there". So, we are disapointed by their lack of responsibility. I think Explore-Share is a great organisation if things go according to plan, but don't count on them when something goes wrong.

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