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7-day Trek in the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Georgia | Georgia

7-day Trek in the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Georgia

Discover the natural beauty of the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park in Georgia whit this 7-day trekking tour, along one of the local guides of the Toba Travel team.




7 Days


Jul - Sep






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  • Enjoy a great trek through alpine meadows and forests
  • Spend every night in a different shelter or in tents
  • Visit Tbilisi, the capital city, and other ancient towns and sites


The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is a beautiful protected natural area located in the centre of Georgia, in the Lesser Caucasus, sowthwest of Tbilisi, the capital city. 

The Borjomi-Kharagauli was found in 1995 and it is one of the biggest national parks in Europe, with about 85.083 hectares. This 7-day trek takes you to discover this unique forested area, covering a distance of 76 kilometers in total.  

During these days, we will hike on enchanting trails, through alpine meadows covered with flowers, discovering its diverse flora and fauna, well protected woods habitats and beautiful landscapes. The park attracts many tourists and scientists interested in the diversity of  its geographical and ecological zones, rich fauna and variety of plants.

From Tbilisi, we will travel to Borjomi, a resort town in south central Georgia, situated in the eastern edge of the park.  The paths we will follow are well marked, and along the way there are well-managed picnic and camping sites, with tourist shelters along the way.

On our way back to Tbilisi, we will stop for a visit to the Uplistsikhe, an ancient city carved in the rock, and Mtskheta, the oldest city in Georgia, with an impressive collection of monuments declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can check the day-by-day itinerary below.

If you are interested in exploring this stunning national park in Georgia, just send me a request. Book your trip and come join me on this great 7- day trek!  You could also have a look at this 8-day trek around the Tobavarhckili Lakes.

Price includes

Price details

The tour price will be arranged based on number of participants and asked service// The price includes: Welcoming and transfer at the airport; Traveling with a van; baggage transfer by horse; Guiding service; Two nights at hotel, five nights in tents or in shelters; (If you decide to sleep in tents, we’ll supply you with bed and sleeping-bag.); Seven breakfasts; Seven lunches;Seven suppers; Wine tasting and supper at a restaurant; Personal medicines; Entrance ticket for Uplistsikhe.

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Day 0: Arrival in Georgia - Meeting at Tbilisi International Airport - Transfer to Hotel

Day 1: Borjomi - Lomi Mountain refuge

We will meet after breakfast, and after checking equipments we will travel to Borjomi. We will register at the park administration and then we will go hiking on a path towards the Lomi Mountain tourist shelter. On the way, we will eat and spend the night in tents or in the tourist shelter, where you can eat and relax.

Transfer (van): 130km (2 hours) – Hiking: 15km (5-6 hours) – Height difference: From 930m to 1800m

Day 2: Lomi Mountain Shelter- Sakhvlari Shelter

Breakfast (7:00 to  8:00am). From the Lomi Mountain Tourist Shelter we walk through a beautiful panoramic path to the Sakhvlari tourist shelter. On the way, you can have something to eat. Night in tents.

Hiking: 18 km (6-7 hours) – Height difference: 1800 m-2198m -1000 m

Day 3: Sakhvlari Tourist Shelter

Breakfast (7:00am to 8:00am). Today we follow a path from Sakhvlari Tourist Shelter to beautiful alpine meadows, where we can see the Samretkhvo mountain (2642m). We eat on the way. Night in shelter or in tent.

Hiking: 19km (7-8 hours) – Transfer (van): 25 km (1-1:30 mins) – Height difference: 1000 m – 2600 m

Day 4: Amarati Tourist Shelter

Breakfast (8:00am to 9:00am). On this day, we will walk from the Sametskhvareo Shelter path to the Amarati tourist shelter. We will eat on our way, spending the night in tents or in shelter (it has 3 beds). In the evening, we will have dinner and rest.

Hiking: 9km (3-4 hours) – Height difference: 2600m – 1900m

Day 5: Amarati Shelter- Atskuri Shelter

Today we will walk from the Amarati Shelter to the Atskuri Shelter. On our way we can eat. Night in the shelter, where we have dinner and relax.

Hiking: 16 km (6-7 hours) – Height difference: 1900m – 1000m

Day 6: Atskuri Shelter - Tbilisi - Uplistsikhe - Mtskheta

Breakfast (8:00 till 9:00). Today we return to Tbilisi. On our way, we will able to see Uplistsikhe, an ancient rock-hewn town. We will also visit Mtskheta, the oldest city in Georgia, and its famous sights, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will eat there and taste the Georgian wine. Night in a hotel in Tbilisi.

Hiking:- 0 km – Transfer (Van): 130km (2 hours)

Day 7: Tbilisi - Hiking tour - Farewell dinner

Breakfast (9:00-10:00 hours). After breakfast, you will have a hiking tour in Tbilisi. After the tour, you can have lunch and walk on the Mshrali khidi (Dry bridge), where you can buy handmade products and souvenirs. We will enjoy a farewell dinner in the evening. Transfer to the airport.

Hiking: 4 – km (2-3 hours)


More info

Maximum group size: 25 people

Required EQUIPMENT: -Personal essential medicines -Water-proof shoes -Sandals or trainers -Warm jacket and raincoat -Warm hat and hat for the sun -Sunglasses -Sunblock -Personal hygiene items -Rucksack

Meeting point

Tbilisi Airport

About the guide: Toba

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Tour Operator

My name is Kakha Oghadze and I am the founder of Toba Travel.

Since 1998, I have spent all my leisure time travelling all across Georgia, including regions such as Abkhazia and Samachablo. In 2004, along with my friends, I created a popular Georgian Hiking Forum and was actively involved in different tourist events organized by the forum.

A couple of years later, in 2007, I started leading expeditions in Upper Svaneti and other areas in Georgia and then, in 2010, I finally established "Toba Travel" together with my good friend Johnny Kapanadze.



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We ended up in a storm on our first night in the mountains. Our tents broke and all of our stuff got soaked. Luckily, the van that had droped us of at the starting point, was still there to bring us to a safe hut. Instead of staying the night in that hut, Kacha and the driver thought is was better to drive all the way back down. This meant a more than two hour long trip, on a steap (up to 24%) and unsteady road in the dark and rain. The winds where so strong, some trees had fallen over the road and we got stuck halfway down. We had to spend over 17 hours packed together very unconfortably in the van, our clothes soaked and cold, since it was like 7 degrees Celcius outside. After being brougth safely to a guesthouse the next day, we hear we can't complete the trip we wanted to do, AND we have to pay up extra because we would be sleeping in guesthouses instead of tents (which were broken). Bottom line, the Tobavarchkhili lakes-tour is usually not done in July because of bad weather conditions. Our guide and Explore-Share did took the risk of taking us there anyway. And when it all went wrong, Explore-Share claimed they have nothing to do with it "because they were not there". So, we are disapointed by their lack of responsibility. I think Explore-Share is a great organisation if things go according to plan, but don't count on them when something goes wrong.

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