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Climb Kilimanjaro from Kenya via the Rongai Route (6 days)

Climb Kilimanjaro
Climb Kilimanjaro from Kenya via the Rongai Route

The certified guides at Tanzania Travelers Tours take you on this brilliant 6-day climb of Mount Kilimanjaro from Kenya via the Rongai Route, a more unique and remote trail than others that offers more opportunities for unobstructed views of the mountains, seeing wild animals and more pleasurable conditions.

East African Mountains

6 Days

All year

Very high



Scale the summit of Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest mountain!

Trek through the lesser-known and unique Rongai Route via Kenya

Witness some of the best and most picturesque views and scenery in Africa


Climbing Kilimanjaro from Kenya via the Rongai Route is a thrilling, fun, exciting and beautiful experience, and I will guide you over the course of 6 days through fascinating African landscape, scenery and terrain, whilst taking plenty of time to admire the truly amazing views we will be exposed to, as well as hopefully encounter wild animals such as antelope, elephant and buffalo.

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain, standing at 5895m above sea level, and is located in Tanzania, with access from the North via Kenya. It is a very popular climbing location, with people from all over the world attempting to scale its summit every year.

Our journey begins at the Rongai Gate (1950m), with the first stretch being a trek up to 1st Caves Camp (2600m) through tall cornfields and pine forest.

The following 3 days are spent making our way to Kibo Hut (4700m) via Kikelewa Cave (3600m) and Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4330m), with highlights along the way including moorlands with exotic plants, a trek through an alpine desert and numerous jaw-dropping and breath-taking views of the mountains around us.

There will be in-built acclimatization time on every day leading up to the summit day to help prepare you for the difficulty of the high altitudes in the upper reaches of the mountain, which are extremely mentally and physically draining.

Day 5 is when we tackle the crowning glory of the trip, the summit, as we first head to Gillman’s Point (5681m) via a steep and rocky path at very high altitude, before we reach the glorious summit, Uhuru Peak (5895m), enabling us to look out over the African plains and feel like we’re on top of the world. You will definitely want pictures at this spot!

We finish our adventure on day 6 back at our starting point, thrilled and proud at having scaled this mighty peak.

Book now so you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Dinner

- Transportation start and back

- Permit and entrance fees


Day 1: Rongai Gate (1950m) – 1st Caves Camp (2600m)

After an early breakfast at your hotel, you will be picked up from Arusha (1400m) and driven to the Marangu Gate (1980m). At the gate, the porters will organize and pack the belongings for the hike while you and your guide register with the Tanzania National Park (TANAPA). You will then be transferred by vehicle to the Rongai trailhead, which is 2.5 hours away from the Managu Gate. The trail begins in the tall cornfields then leads into the pine forest. This trail has a gradual ascent and allows hikers to enjoy their surroundings. About halfway up the trail you will have a lunch break and you will reach the 1st Caves Camp (2600m) in the late afternoon or early evening. The porters and chef, who move very fast up the mountain, will reach camp before you and set up your tents, boil drinking water, and prepare snacks for your arrival. After washing up, a hot dinner will be served. For overnight, mountain temperatures may drop to freezing so be prepared!

Day 2: 1st Caves Camp (2600m) – Kikelewa Cave (3600m)

Following a hot breakfast, hikers will continue their ascent to Kikelewa Cave (3600m). The trail passes Second Cave (3450m) and this is a good spot to take a lunch break. Similar to the first night, your tents will be set up prior to arriving at camp and the porters will prepare drinking and washing water for you. You will enjoy evening snacks then dinner prepared by our chef. Be prepared for a cold night as temperatures drop below freezing at this exposed camp.

Day 3: Kikelewa Cave (3600) – Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4330m)

On this day, hikers will enjoy a short, yet steep trail to Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4330m). In the moorland, you will spot exotic plants, including giant lobelia and groundsel. At camp, hikers will enjoy spectacular views and allow their bodies to acclimate. Hot dinner and washing water will be prepared for hikers as they enjoy the magnificent sunset.

Day 4: Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4330m) – Kibo Hut (4700m)

After breakfast, hikers will continue ascending east for a half-day hike to Kibo Hut. Kibo is located in the “Saddle,” which refers to the area located between the peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo in an alpine desert. There is no water at this camp, but hikers can buy mineral water and soft drinks at the camp office. An early dinner will be served so hikers can rest before attempting the summit the same night. Your guide will brief you in detail on how to prepare for summit night. Get to sleep by 19:00!

Day 5: Summit Attempt Kibo Hut (4700m) – Uhuru Peak (5895m) – Horombo Hut (3720m)

Your guide will wake you around 23:30 for tea and biscuits. You will then begin your summit attempt. The trail is rocky up to Hans Meyer Cave (5150m). You continue your ascent to Gillman’s point (5681m). Reaching this section is an impressive achievement as the trail is steep, rocky, and at high altitude. Gillman’s is located on the crater rim. From this point, you will usually experience a snow covered trail until you reach the summit, Uhuru Peak (5895m). Reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro is a lifetime accomplishment! You will be able to spend a short time on the summit taking photographs and drinking tea before the descent to Barafu begins. The hike down to Kibo Hut takes about 3 hours.

At Kibo Hut, you will rest and enjoy a hot lunch in the sun. After eating, you will continue descending down to Horombo Hut (3720m). You will have a dinner, wash, and rest soundly at the hut after a strenuous day.

Day 6: Horombo Hut (3720m) – Marangu Gate (1980m)

Following a well-deserved breakfast, your staff will have a big celebration full of dancing and singing. It is here on the mountain that you will present your tips to the guide, assistant guides, chef(s), and porters. After celebrating, you will descend for 6 hours back to Marangu Gate (1980m). The National Park requires all hikers to sign their names to receive certificates of completion. Hikers who reached Gillman’s Point (5681m) receive green certificates and hikers who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m) receive gold certificates. After receiving certificates, you will drive back to Moshi in your hotel.



More info

Please wear: Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat, cold weather jacket, gloves, pants, spare clothing.

Meeting point

Moshi, Tanzania


What is the Rongai Route like?

The Rongai Route is a scenic trail starting from the Rongai Gate in Kenya, providing a unique and less crowded way to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It offers stunning views, diverse landscapes, and a chance to see wildlife such as antelope, elephants, and buffalo.

How long is the Kilimanjaro climb?

The climb takes 6 days, beginning at the Rongai Gate and culminating at the summit, Uhuru Peak, before returning to the starting point.

Where will we meet at the start of the trip?

Our journey begins at the Rongai Gate, which is situated at an elevation of 1950 meters.

What are the key highlights of the route?

The key highlights of the trek include walking through moorlands with cool exotic plants, crossing an alpine desert, and soaking in countless breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. We’ll also have acclimatization time built into each day to help you get used to the high altitudes.

Where will we stay during the climb?

We will stay at various camps along the route: 1st Caves Camp (2600m), Kikelewa Cave (3600m), Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4330m), and finally Kibo Hut (4700m) before the summit attempt.

Is acclimatization included in the climb?

Yes, each day of the climb includes built-in acclimatization time to help your body adjust to the increasing altitude and reduce the risk of altitude sickness.

What should I bring for the climb?

You'll need comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, a hat, a cold weather jacket, gloves, pants, and spare clothing.

What level of fitness is required to climb Kilimanjaro?

A good level of fitness and stamina is required, as the climb is physically and mentally demanding, especially at higher altitudes.

What is included in the cost of the trip?

The price includes the guiding fee, breakfast, dinner, transportation to and from the start point, and permit and entrance fees.

I'm looking for insurance to cover my trip to Kilimanjaro. Do you have any recommendations?

Explore-Share partners with Global Rescue, which offers comprehensive coverage including cancellation, rescue, and medical insurance. This ensures that you are protected against unforeseen circumstances, giving you peace of mind during your adventure in Tanzania. To learn more about Global Rescue and to purchase your insurance, please visit: https://partner.globalrescue.com/exploreshare/

Feel free to explore the link for detailed information about their coverage options and benefits.

What are some recommended accommodations near our adventure location?

We understand that finding the perfect place to stay is an essential part of your adventure experience. To help you with this, we’ve curated a list of three highly recommended hotels that offer comfort, convenience, and a touch of local charm. These accommodations are well-suited for adventurers looking to relax and rejuvenate after an exciting day of exploration
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I am very pleased with Explore-Share! This was my first international climb, and the communication and response time were great. Herbie is a very skilled guide and very efficient. The entire booking process & payment was smooth. I will definitely use Explore-Share again. Thank you.



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Thank you explore-share for a wonderful via feratta experience. We have been wanting to learn for a long time but don't have the facilities in Scotland. The guide Mitja was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, answering all my many questions and providing advice. On the day head to take another group but he quickly arranged another guide Borut, who was brilliant. We had a fantastic morning learning via ferrata at Hvadnik in the gorge. It gave us the confidence to later hire our own equipment and go out in Mojstrana. Altogether a five star + experience. Thank you.


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