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Kashkasuu, Kyrgyzstan, Guided Off-Piste Snowboarding | undefined

Kashkasuu, Kyrgyzstan, Guided Off-Piste Snowboarding

Come and enjoy the wonderful Kashkasuu resort area in the midst of the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan on an off-piste snowboarding adventure with KMGA certified guide Andrey.


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The Kashkasuu ski resort is yet another one of the several beautiful ski resort areas in Kyrgyzstan. And like those other resorts, it is surrounded by the gorgeous and massive Tian Shan mountains.

In Kashkasuu there are a number of wonderful slopes you can enjoy. And because it is a ski resort area, accessing those slopes by lift is not difficult at all. Furthermore, because of the variety of slopes, there are options for snowboarders of every level, from intermediate to advanced.

The terrain around Kashkasuu is exquisite. It is definitely an area worth admiring. And when you add in some fun off-piste snowboarding, it makes the experience of visiting it more than worth while. There are also several comfortable accommodation options within the resort area. As a result, you can easily stretch this trip from one day to several days.

In order to participate in this trip, you should have some previous off-piste snowboarding experience. However, you do not have to be an expert. And because the Kashkasuu altitude is roughly 2,100 metres, you should also be in reasonable enough physical condition to enjoy the slopes.

Whether you want to snowboard through the trees, or descend the open slopes, Kashkasuu will provide you with a great experience. And since it is only 35 kilometres from the city of Bishkek, this trip can be a great addition to any winter vacation in Kyrgyzstan.

So send me a request, and let me guide you through some great scenery and thrilling off-piste snowboarding at Kashkasuu.

If you want to enjoy a longer, more extensive winter experience, you can also join me on this 6 day splitboarding tour in the nearby Ala Archa national park.

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If you do not have snowboarding equipment, it is available for rent at Bishkek. Also the price for the Skyline cableway is $15 per adult, and $7 per child. The price for the towing cableway is $12 per adult and $6 per child. The cost for full board national or European meals is $20 per person, per day.

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The ski resort has a bar, restaurant, summer cafe, two conference halls, sauna, winter skating rink, sports ground and parking lot.

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About the guide: -Andrey

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Mountain Guide

I was born in what is now Bishkek, the Capital City of Kyrgyz Republic (used to be Frunze, the Capital of Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic) and live there ever since.

I started guiding professionally in 2004. I guide groups and individuals in technical and high altitude climbing, ski-tours, backcountry skiing, rock-climbing, ice climbing. I can also provide training facilities and organize trekking programs.

My main priorities in guiding are client safety and expedition success and therefore, my professional motto is “Never climb with strangers”.

In 2011, I finished my training with the Kyrgyz Mountain Guide School. The school is supported by Mammut and the Swiss and British Mountain Guide Associations and follows the IFMGA standards. Upon completion of the course and passing necessary tests I was qualified as a Mountain Guide. I am also qualified in mountain rescue and first aid by Mountaineering Instructor School in Kyrgyzstan (2012) and a member of the Kyrgyz Mountain Guide Association (KMGA) since the Autumn of 2009 where I serve as an instructor and examiner for the National Mountain Guide courses.

In my 13 years of guiding, I have worked all over Tien-Shan and Pamir in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and China and East Sayan and Lake Baikal areas in Russia. I have arranged several ski tour and backcountry skiing programs in the Ala Archa national park, Suusamyr valley, Kyrghyz Ala Too, Chong Kemin gorge, Kumtor glacier, and Terskey Ala Too.

In 2009-2016 I worked as a high altitude guide at the Lenin Peak (7134 m), Khan Tengri Peak (7010 m), Pobeda Peak (7439 m), and Muztag Ata Peak (7546 m). As a mountaineering expert, I also have participated in 6 expeditions.

Presently I have over 100 ascents of different difficulty. The most significant of them are: Pobeda peak (7439 m) 1 ascent; Lenin peak (7134 m) 13 ascents; Muztag Ata (7546 m) 1 ascent; Khan Tengri (7010 m) 1 ascent; Korona peak 1st tower ED2 Smirnov route, winter conditions; Free Korea peak ED1 George Lowe route, winter conditions; Bachachekey peak 4 routes ED1 Kusmenko, Shwab, Polik, Ilyshenko; Ak-Too peak TD route, first ascent, winter conditions; Tarasova(Slovenia) TD route, winter conditions; Simagina peak TD+ route, winter conditions.

My sport climbing level: 7a-7b on sight, 7c-8a red point.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested to come and discover the mountains of my region.


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What people are saying about -Andrey


Great experience in Jyrgalan Kyrgyzstan - Very competent end experienced guide. Very involved in making sure we got the best experience. A must do and highly recommend it!!


I had an awesome climb with Andrey to the summit of Peak Khan Tengri in August 2019. Andrey is a terrific guide and climbing companion. This climb was a huge challenge for me, both technically and physically. Andrey was outstanding in his focus on having a safe climb while at the same time doing everything possible to enable me to reach the summit. He showed excellent judgment and resourcefulness in planning our itinerary and making adjustments when needed. He was extraordinarily patient with my shortcomings. His friendly and engaging personality was a great benefit as well. I can honestly say, my positive experience on Khan Tengri was due in no small part to Andrey. I look forward to climbing with him again someday.


I climbed the Pobeda Peak with Andrey in 2011. It was something very difficult to achieve but we did it. The most difficult part of the trip was the section from the highest camp to the summit because of the altitude (more than 7000m). That was also the longest section of the climb. Andrey and I worked together up to the summit. I trusted 100% in Andrey during the climb because I knew him very well. He is a real professional climber!



For our rock climbing week Andrey had put together a programm which was ideally tailored to our skills. He handled everything in a very professional and trouble-free way. Under his guidance we learned a lot and gained confidence to undertake more challenging tours for ourselves in the future. At the same time, Andrey is also a really nice guy to hang out with. We had lots of fun during our tours and in the evenings. Thanks Andrey!



We were a large group of 15 guys that spend one week with Andrey and his colleagues (because of the group size we had two additional guides). Andrey is a great guide and a good organiser. From we ordered until we arrived Andrey was available on Whatsapp and responded almost imminently to all our questions. When we landed we were meet by Andrey at the airport and a fleet of large SUV`s that took us to the base camp that was the starting point from the touring. The base camp was located far up in the mountains on the Kazakhstan border. The accommodations where ok, with a nice sauna as a pleasant surprise. The ski touring was nice in variated terrain. We were a bit unlucky with unstable snow conditions forcing us to ski a bit less steep than we hoped for, but the area got massive potential for nice skiing. We decided to end touring after five days in the mountain and spend the last night in Bishkek. There Andrey stepped into the role of a tourist guide and showed us around town, a really nice gesture which we did not expect. Overall a trip I would recommend to anyone wanting to ski in a country you would not expect to travel to. And when you go, Andrey is your choice for guide ;)

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