Manglik Sar ascent in the Shimshal Valley, Karakoram range


Explore the inspiring and remote Shimshal Valley on an unforgettable Manglik Sar climb in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan led by a certified guide. Discover the towering peaks of the region, the quiet, flowery meadows, and the local traditions on a unique trip to this favorite new destination for outdoor adventures.


19 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug




  • Explore the awe-inspiring Karakoram Range in Pakistan
  • Climb to the top of the beautiful Manglik Sar.
  • Discover the Shimshal Valley, one of the region's most remote and beautiful.


Pakistan is a new outdoor adventure hotspot, and home to some of the most stunning mountains in the world. On this 19-day adventure, you will get to climb to the top of the majestic Manglik Sar in the remote Shimshal Valley in the Karakoram Range.

Manglik Sar is a beautiful mountain that stands at an altitude of 6050m (19849 ft.) in the Shimshal Valley in the  Karakoram Range. The Shimshal Valley is the most remote of the Humza region and a unique place in Pakistan in terms of rugged landscapes and local traditions.

On this program, we will set off from Islamabad towards Passu, where we will take a jeep to enter the valley and hike for two days before reaching the village of Shimshal. From there, we will begin a 4-day trek towards our base camp where we will be greeted by grazing yaks in a flowery meadow surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes. It’s all uphill from there until we get to the summit, and then it is time to return. You can find a detailed itinerary below.

Please keep in mind you need to be physically fit to join this program. Additionally, it is best to come with some prior mountain climbing experience. Of course, we will be there to help and guide you on the way.

So, are you ready to discover the remote and rugged Shimshal Valley in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan? Then contact us now and let’s start planning this unforgettable Manglik Sar climb!

Or, you can also join us to climb to the Nanga Parbat Base Camp!


Day 1: Arrive Islamabad – Narran / Besham

Arrive at Islamabad, after a short stay to fresh up and have breakfast, we will drive on the Karakoram Highway to Narran /Besham in air-conditioned transport. Overnight in the hotel. (260/ 150 km, 6/7 hours)B/D

Day 2: Narran / Besham –Hunza Karimabad

Exciting drive on KKH through the gorge of Indus & Hunza rivers to upper Hunza. En-route, we will visit the junction of the world’s three greatest mountain ranges, Himalayas, Hindukush, and the Karakoram. Enjoy fascinating views of Nanga Parbat (8,125 m) & Rakaposhi (7,788 m). Overnight in the hotel. ( 500/530 km, 8/9 hours)

Day 3: Hunza / Passu Shmshal Valley

We will start the day with a short ride on soft-top 4×4 jeeps from Passu village towards Shimshal valley. The jeep track passes through the narrow gorge of the Shimshal River. After 2 hours of jeep ride, we will arrive at the ‘travelers hut’ of Ziarat. Some 600 years ago a Sufi Saint (Shah Shams) from central Asia arrived here and stayed here for several nights. He also preached Islam in this region. From Ziarat we can see Karoon 1 (7164m) Peak and enjoy a beautiful view of Dastagil Sar (7885m). GH/ Camp overnight. (4/5 hours, 3300m).

Day 4: Shimshal – Gar Sar / Pasth Furzin

For the next two days, our hike will be through the really narrow gorge of the Shimshal River. Our walk from the village for the first two hours is in the open valley along the river. Soon we will leave the main valley and turn to the left to enter the gorge. Mostly the trek is safe, although at few places you would need good balance on the narrow foot track. En-route enjoy views of Kunianchish and Yazgildoom peaks both are above 7000m. Furzin, a narrow camp along the side stream known for its Birch trees. Overnight in Furzin. (5/6 hours).

Day 5: Gar Sar / Pasth Furzin - Arbab Parian

We will start from the camp with a steep ascent of 200 meters on the cliff facing the camp, traverse gradually for half an hour and then descend steeply to the Shimshal River. Then, we will cross the river on a footbridge and walk for another hour to Pariyan camp for the cool breeze off the Maidur Nallah and a fresh lunch. After, we will take on the last part of the gorge walk, involving a one and a half-hour ascent on a well maintained yet steep foot trek (pariyan) to the top, called Pariyan Sar, with fascinating views of our peak Manglik and many other summits. Enjoy the vista and a relaxing hour hike to the camp. Our Arbabparian camp is a shepherds settlement for winter, with plenty of freshwaters. (4/5 hours)

Day 6: Arbab Parian – Shunjerab

Compared to the last two days, it is a relaxing walk along the river with views of peaks soaring above 6,000 meters. On the way, we will pass Ganj Dour Valley, leading north to the China border where we will pass by many pastures for the yaks and goats. This valley is known for its substantial population of blue sheep, Marcopolo sheep, Ibex and also a few snow leopards and bears. Shunjerab is the summer home of Shimshalis, with 60 houses and huge yards to house the animal & human population. People stay here in May & June and then proceed over Shimshal pass to Shuwart to spend the winter. Camp overnight (4/5 hours)

Day 7: Shunjerab – Manglik Base Camp

East from Shunjerab is Gulchi Washk (carpet of flowers), a 200-meter gradual ascent to bring us just under Manglik Sar. We will walk in a wide-open valley running east to west, with two lakes located just before the Shimshal Pass. In the summer we find Yaks, goats, and sheep who roam the green pastures. We shall build our camp after 2/3 hours walk, just under the main ridge of Manglik Sar. In the afternoon, we can walk over to the Shuwart summer settlement, consisting of 60 houses. We might get invited to dinner, a great chance to visit local houses and also to taste the energetic nomad food made from Yak’s cheese, butter and wheat flour. Camp overnight. (4/5 hours, 4735m)

Day 8: Base Camp

Rest day for acclimatization and to explore the area. We will also visit some local houses this day. Shuwart glacier is one of the places here to visit. Camp overnight.

Day 9: Manglik Sar 6050m Base Camp

Full day to attempt the trekking Peak Manglik Sar (6050m), just north of our camp. As we start in the soft morning light, for the first few hours we will ascend gradually on the main ridge leading to the summit. At 5,800 meters we will leave the ridge and head toward the eternal snow of the Peak. The going could be slow here due to altitude and an increasing inclination of the Peak. Yet near the top it is wide as a football field and also not so steep. Enjoy the fascinating view of the valley from the summit, on a clear day one can see K-2 and Broad Peak in the distant east. Safety rope and other required climbing equipment will be carried by the mountain guide. Descend down to base camp. (9/10 hours excursion).

Day 10: Summit Day 2- Base Camp

Another full day to attempt the summit. On this trek to Shimshal Pamir, there is an option to climb the Manglik SAR 6050m or two other peaks in the region. Those who do not want to summit the mountain can trek around or to Shuwerth.

Climbing Manglik Sar is a one day climb normally with 1500M ascent and 1500 descent. It is safe and easy climbing for a good and physically fit trekker. To climb this peak you need snowshoes, gaiters, harness, and rope. There are two other peaks just near below 5500M, Kuz Sar and Lup Zhui Sar also which we can climb using the same base camp of Mangalik Sar.

A special campfire will be arranged that night with local music and dances to celebrate the successful climb. Camp overnight.

Day 11: Shimshal Pass Shuwart - Arbab Parian

The same trek we have passed through on our way to Shuwart. But it will take us a very short time because of the continuous gradual descent of the trek. Camp overnight. (5/6 hours)

Day 12: Arbab Parian – Maidur

It is an easy walk. We will follow a stream flowing from Shuwart to Maidur. There are many summer settlements in Maidur Valley. We will pitch our tents at a small settlement having only two or three houses. It is a beautiful Valley and water is easily accessible here. Camp overnight. (4/5 hours)

Day 13: Maidur – Shapodin Pass 5150m

Today, we will start early to cross Shapodin Pass (5150m). The climb up is not technical and one can climb it with the help of walking poles only. Passu Peak (7478m) Shispar Peak (7611m) and Dastagil giant are visible from the Pass. Water is easily available on the way. After crossing the Pass, we will arrive at the camping place of Shapodin which is also a summer settlement. Camp overnight. (7/8 hours).

Day 14: Shapodin – Over Boisam pass to Mandik Shlaq

We will cross Boisam Pir Pass (5090m) this day. It is an easy trek up to the Pass. Kanjut Sar (7760m) is visible from the Pass. After the pass, there is a beautiful lake of blue water. Enroute a short stay for rest and lunch at Pachodewashk. Proceed towards Mandikshlakh. There are seven houses in Mandikshlakh and water is easily available for washing. Camp overnight. (5/6 hours).

Day 15: Mandik Shlaq – Werbin

Quiet easy trek. We will start after breakfast. Enroute stay at Havdiji. Havdiji is also a settlement and there are seven houses. The local people will stop us there for lunch and without serving us they will not let us go forward so we will take a break there. Proceed towards Werbin. Camp overnight. (4/5 hours).

Day 16: Werbin - Chafchingol Pass Base Camp

We will cross three small rivers in this day’s trek which will be great fun and an adventure if the water level goes up in the rivers. The place is also famous for Ibexes. Camp overnight. (5/6 hours)

Day 17: Trek Over Chafchingol Pass To Kuksail KKH to Hunza Karimabad

It will be an early start with a packed lunch because the trek is strenuous and long this day. From the base camp, there is a steep slope of 300 meters up to the Chafchingol Pass ( 5151m). We can see Dastagil Sar (7885 m) from the Pass. After the Pass water is available and he walk is also quite normal. We will reach on KKH at Kuksil (4150m) just 15 kilometers from Khunjerab Pass. The area is in Khunjerab National Park. Our vehicle will be ready in Kuksil to take us to Hunza. Proceed to Hunza. Overnight at the hotel. (5/6 hours trek +2/ 3 hours drive).

Day 18: Drive Karimabad – Besham/ Narran

Early morning drive. Air Conditioned transport on the Karakoram Highway towards Besham. Lunch in Dassu./ Narran Proceed towards Besham/ Narran. Overnight at Motel. (11/12 hours )

Day 19: Islamabad

After breakfast, we will drive towards the Capital. Half-day SS in Islamabad after lunch. Evening free. Overnight at Hotel. (5/6 hours)



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About the guide

Rock Valley Tours is a tour management company based in Lahore, Pakistan. We specialize in organizing tours, treks, hikes, hunting and climbing expeditions, team building and leadership trails all over Pakistan. Although we are experts in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, our footprint is spread over every nook and corner in Pakistan.

Pakistan has been nominated as the best adventure tourism destination in the world for the year 2020. We feel that the team we have assembled is best equipped to arrange and facilitate trips across the length and breadth of Pakistan.

Born and raised in the Karakorum region of Pakistan, our team has spent their childhoods crisscrossing the endless trails of these parts of the country. They have all been trained and certified to ensure that your experience is supreme and that safety remains paramount no matter what.

Pakistan welcomes you with open arms!

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3. Meals: All meals in cities and during trekking and at the base camp.

4. Equipment: All camping & kitchen equipment will be provided during trekking and at the base camp.

5. Custom clearance: In Islamabad, we shall take care of the customs clearance procedure of equipment and we will store the equipment in our store till the arrival of the climbing team. The clearance fee is not included.

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Any additional service not mentioned in the itinerary or above chart of services.

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