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Multi-level ice climbing in the Alps, 1+ day course

Canadian Rockies guided ice climbing day
Canadian Rockies guided ice climbing day
Canadian Rockies guided ice climbing day

Enhance your ice climbing skills in the stunning setting of the Alps with one of the certified guides from the GuideSource team.



+1 Day

Jan - Mar, Dec


All levels


* Discover the exhilaration of ice climbing in theory and practice.

* Learn with fully-certified and experienced guides.

* Upgrade your climbing skills surrounded by the stunning Alpine mountains.


Learn the fundamentals of ice climbing in the stunning setting of the snow-capped Alps.

During a single day or 2-day course, the material and techniques taught will leave you feeling confident and ready for ice climbing.

The course covers a wide range of practical and theoretical applications, including the differences between rock and ice climbing methods, how to approach ice climbs, the selection process, weather influence and particular unique situations you may find yourself in.

Get to know the types of gear protection, belaying, rappelling, ice anchors, and the numerous rope systems that are applied.

And importantly, understand the common mistakes and accidents associated with ice climbing, and how to avoid dangerous situations.

For those seeking a beginner course in ice climbing, the course offers practical teaching of appropriate footwork, tool placement, clothing selection, and how to judge the right type of ice routes and characteristics of the weather, along with its effect on the potential climb.

The level of difficulty for this course depends on your current level and experience already attained. And so the exact location of the course will depend on your specific requirements. 

Get in touch now to reserve your place on the 1+ day ice climbing course set in the mountains of the Alps, upgrade your skills and elevate your confidence on the ice.

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Our guide Dr Flemming was excellent. He went above and beyond what we expected. We felt very safe and well trained to practice our climbing. Location was perfect and even though rain had been forecasted, they worked with us to make sure we could climb safely.



I had an enlightening day with Roger, the experience has increased my desire to learn more about rock climbing and commit time to mountaineering and absolute pleasure worth every minute of my time and money.

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