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Naro Moru traverse on Mount Kenya, 5-day Itinerary from Nairobi

Naro Moru traverse on Mount Kenya, 5-day Itinerary from Nairobi | undefined

Join one of the certified guides at Sirikwa Travel and climb up Mount Kenya via the Naro Moru traverse on a thrilling 5-day adventure starting from Nairobi!

5 Days

All year




* Catch sight of the stunning African sunrise from Point Lenana.

* Climb up Mount Kenya via the Naro Moru Traverse.

* Enjoy a thrilling mountaineering adventure in Kenya.


Would you like to discover the stunning Naro Moru traverse on Mount Kenya? Then join me on this 5-day program starting from Nairobi!

At 5,199 m, Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa after Kilimanjaro. This stunning giant is famous for its breathtaking vegetation and wildlife. The highest peaks on Mount Kenya are Batian (5,199m), Nelion (5,188m) and Point Lenana (4,985m). On this adventure, we will climb to the top of Lenana via the Naro Moru route.

We will set off from Nairobi and drive to Nanyuki Town on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya. After lunch, we will continue driving to the Sirimon Park Gate where our trekking adventure will begin. Every day, we will cover a stretch of the route and enjoy the awe-inspiring flora and fauna that we find on the way. In the evenings, we will stay in mountain huts and campsites where we will prepare to set off early the next day. One of the highlights of our trek will be watching the sunrise from the Point Lenana summit. You can find a detailed itinerary below.

Please keep in mind that this is a demanding trek. Therefore, it is important that you have a good fitness level and prior mountaineering experience. Of course, we will be there to help and guide you every step of the way!

So, are you ready to tackle the Naro Moru traverse in Mount Kenya? Then book your place now and get ready for an adventure you will never forget!

We also offer an easier 5-day Sirimon Traverse to Lenana, check it out!

Price includes


Day 1: Nairobi-Old Moses hut

We will first drive from Nairobi to Nanyuki Town in time for lunch. From there, we will drive to the Sirimon Park Gate and begin our trek. We will go through forests, bamboo and giant heather zones until we reach the high altitude moorland and the Old Moses Mountain Hut/Campsite.

Day 2: Shipton's Camp

After an early breakfast, we will set off to Shipton’s camp (4200m). A challenging trek will take us through hills, valleys and moorlands where we will catch sight of stunning flora and fauna including Giant groundsels, lobelias and mountain rock hyrax. This park is also home to tree climbing lions, flamingos, ground hornbill and crested eagle.

Day 3: Mackinders Hut/Camp via Hausberg col


We will wake up very early around 3.30am and hike to point Lenana (4985m). Then we will descent to Mackinders hut (4300m) where we will have breakfast and continue on to the Met Station campsite. Dinner and overnight at the campsite.

Day 4: Mackinders Hut/Camp to Old Moses or Met station camp

We will set off early, at 3am and hike up a steep scree slope and glacier to point Lenana (4985m) to catch site of the sunrise. Then, we will descend to Mackinders camp for breakfast and continue down the Naro Moru Trail to Met Station where we will have lunch. We will have the afternoon to relax and stay overnight.

Day 5: Met Station Camp to Nairobi

We will enjoy an early breakfast before starting our descent to the Naro Moru park gate where a vehicle will be waiting to transfer you back to Nairobi.


About the guide

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Tour Operator

We offer our clients the most memorable adventures in Tanzania. We take our clients on the most amazing tours on our beautiful country, which we know inside out, like Mount Kilimanjaro, Beach Trips, Wildlife Safaris or Cultural Trips.

We have a team of excellent, professionally certified mountain guides. They have all climbed Mount Kilimanjaro more than a hundred times, through different routes. They also have a deep knowledge of the country’s national parks and about the animal kingdom. Each of our guides is a specialist in a specific area, like ecology and animal behavior.

We look forward to taking you on an unforgettable adventure!



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What people are saying about Sirikwa


Mount Kilimanjaro Such an incredible journey! The whole experience was perfect. Leone and Jonathon guided us safely, Abbas and Pray kept us fed, Mr. Machame carried the heaviest loads, Joshua and Ramadan and the rest of the group made sure we were comfortable. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. We hope to see the entire crew again soon.


As Advertised Sirikwa handled everything. Very responsive and respectful, didn't need to worry about local or hidden fees. Exactly as advertised. The trek was great!


9 Day Safari + 4 Days in Zanzibar I highly, highly recommend Sirikwa Travel. My best friend and I did a nine day safari in Tanzania's northern circuit of national parks and then four days in Zanzibar. It was an absolutely amazing trip of a lifetime!



We had an amazing time during our journey to the summit of Lenana . It was really difficult but with the help and accurate direction of our guide , James, we were able to reach the summit just to eclipse our eyes with the sunrise. I will never forget the images and the feeling of accomplishment from the top . During our ascendant we had a wonderful team of driver , porters , cook and guide : Willis, bernard, terrace, Joseph, jackelin, Simon , Tim and James ; all of them gave to us a warm welcome, always smiling and making sure we were confortable and mostly safe. The only discomfort was at Shipton camp where the conditions are really precarious. It looks like no one care about honouring the beauty of nature that surround the camp. They ( rock mountain hotel ) should respect such a lovely location, be proud and take measurements to have a camp on the level that the site offers. We really felt like sleeping in a pig pen 1 toilet for 20 people with bumped beds with not ladders and no space between one another . Really it is a place that need URGENTLY a remake . With regard on the main agency EXPLORE-SHARE ; we experienced an issue post booking . We did not received clear information, our question where not answered , etc . Fortunately , Nicky came and sorted out everything for us ( grateful forever) she made the changes needed and we finally got the best ( Siriwa travel). In short “UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, where challenge is constantly surrounded by a great scenery in a huge National Park”. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



You did not give a detailed packing list for this trekking. it would be nice if you already to give the option to stay in the Austrian Hut (we did) . The daily description could be better. The first day we walked 5 km and the last day 9km. The other days we walked 7-8 hours

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