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North Pole Level 3 Polar Experience

North Pole experience
North Pole experience
North Pole experience
North Pole experience

One of the certified guides from the Polar Experience team, personally trained by Dixie Dansercoer, offers this 15-day outstanding expedition to the North Pole. Keep reading and see if you are up to it!

15 Days


Very high



Not many people can say that they have been on an expedition to the North Pole. This is your chance to become one of them! If you think of unforgettable experiences, this one on the ice to the North Pole is definitely a top one. Join me for a 15-day magical and intense expedition. 

It will take determination and courage, but there is nothing like it! Frederik Cook was most likely the first explorer to reach the North Pole, in 1908. More than a century later, it is still a rare and exciting expedition.

The North Pole is the place where all the longitudes lines meet and the only place we can go from there is South. It is in fact the axis of rotation of the Earth.

First, we will fly by helicopter until Barneo, the Russian base. Then we will get to the proper start of the expedition, at the 89° North latitude. It will be 9 intense expedition days, overcoming many obstacles along the way. In the end, the reward is priceless. And even if we don’t make it to the North Pole (natural conditions can be stronger than us) the expedition itself is incomparable. Check the day to day itinerary below for more details.

Note that the trip includes a 2-day preparation course that will be held prior to the start of the course. We can do it in Belgium (Villers-Sainte-Gertrude) or Switzerland (Aletsch Glacier), please ask me for more information. The course is mandatory and very important to increase our chances of success.

As you might expect, weather conditions are extreme. In April, temperatures are around -25°C. Although the sky is mostly clear, blizzards are possible. The strong winds (30 to 70 km/h) will enhance the cold sensation. Of course you need to be in excellent physical shape. But you also need mental strength to embark in this adventure.

Ready for a truly unique expedition? Join me and let’s reach the North Pole! Make sure to book the program soon to get one of the last spots. If you are interested in other dates please ask me. 

Geographically opposite, the 6-day pulka ski expedition in the South Pole is also a fantastic option, check it out!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

- Permit and entrance fees

Price details

I can loan you technical equipment (pulka sled, harness, sleeping bag, foldable chair, kitchen equipment, etc).

Accommodation and meals are not included while in Longyearbyen.


Day 1: Arrival

We meet in Longyearbyen. Information meeting and welcome dinner (not included). Overnight at hotel (not included).

Day 2: Equipment check

Today we make sure we have everything ready. Equipment inspection. Overnight at hotel (not included). Meals not included.

Day 3: Longyearbyen - Barneo

We take the morning flight to the Barneo base. It is a floating base on the Arctic Ocean. Camping a few km away from the base.

Day 4: Transfer to start of the expedition

Today marks the proper start of the expedition. We will either go straight to the ski base or be dropped by helicopter.

Day 5 to 11: North Pole Expedition

We will have 9 days to reach the North Pole. Each morning we will see what the drift during the night did to our itinerary. It might be that all the distance covered the prior day is worthless! It is the main uncertainty of the expedition, and we have no control over it. Therefore, mental strength is very important. We will cross open waters with our wet suits on, to avoid circumventing them, which could take very long. Polar bears and thin ice are some of the many factors to take into consideration.

Day 12: North Pole

Today we should arrive to the North Pole. It is definitely hard work, so we will celebrate it worthily! A helicopter picks us up and takes us back to Barneo. You will even get a certificate. We will share a meal with the scientists of the base and sleep in tents.

Day 13: Flight to Longyearbyen

We enjoy the Norwegian hospitality. Meals and accommodation not included.

Day 14 to 15: Longyearbyen and return

During this extra day in Longyearbyen for an introduction to ski kiting. You can also choose to return home on day 14. Meals and accommodation not included.



More info

Group size: 4 to 10 people.

Repatriation and health insurance are mandatory and not included in the price.

Meals, accommodation and equipment during the 2-day preparation course are included.

Meeting point

In Longyearbyen.

About the guide

Guide profile image

Polar Experience



Master Polar Guide

Polar Experience is a Polar guiding agency designed and created by Dixie Dansercoer and managed by Julie Brown.

Dixie Dansercoer (12 July 1962 – 7 June 2021) was a Belgian polar explorer with thirty years of experience in polar travel and expeditions. He went to the poles on 34 occasions, for personal or guided expeditions, photo and film productions, and lectures aboard polar cruises. 

He received the title of ‘Master Guide’ in the newly established IPGA platform (International Polar Guides Association) and he's one of only four people to have crossed the complete Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic continent.

In 2012, together with Sam Deltour, Dixie broke the world record for the longest non-motorized expedition to the South Pole. On skis, and assisted by a kite, they traveled at least 5013km.

He was the only polar guide who could provide expedition material for twelve expedition members, in the Arctic (Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen) the Antarctic (Wolfs Fang, Queen Maud Land), and also in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Today, the Dixie Dansercoer Team is led by Eric and Julie and his amazing and well-prepared team of guides, whom he trained himself. Please get in touch with them if you are interested in the different tours they are guiding. They will be happy to introduce you to the wonderful world of Polar Travel.


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