Paragliding in Iquique, Chile with a French Guide, 16 days


Spend 16 unforgettable days paragliding in Chile with IFMGA certified guide Bertrand at various sites including Iquique and the Altiplano.



16 Days





  • Spend 16 days paragliding on different spots of Chile.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous scenery of areas like Iquique, Palo Buque and the Altiplano.
  • Feel the rush of gliding in the sky over and over for over 2 weeks.


On this 16 day adventure, you will get to enjoy paragliding at several different, extraordinary locations in Chile. Those locations range from Iquique and Palo Buque to Arica and the Altiplano. There will also be stops in great spots like Alto Hospicio, Putre, Pisagua and San Marco. Thus making this a trip that will be as extensive as it will be unforgettable.

After your long flight from France to Iquique, Chile, the fun will begin with some fantastic paragliding at Palo Buque. The views you will get, high in the sky, gliding through it like a wide winged bird, are indescribable. You will get to see the seemingly endless stretch of crystal blue of the sea, the golden brown of sand dunes and the enormity of the Altiplano. And while that gliding may only last minutes, it will seem like a beautiful eternity. Moreover, because this trip lasts over 2 weeks, you will get to enjoy that tremendous feeling over and over again. The only thing that will change will be the scenery and landscapes you get to admire.

Adding to the impressive nature of this trip, at the end of each day, you will get to enjoy some delicious local food. You will also get to relax and rest in comfortable accommodations.

Paragliding in Chile is a wondrous experience. And the vast and diverse areas you will get to see only add to that wonder. If you would like to experience it for yourself, just send me a request.

I also offer an 8 day paragliding trip in the gorgeous Canary Islands as well.


Day 1: Departure for Chile from France.

Day 2: Arrival at Iquique, evening flight to Palo Buque.

Day 3 to 4: Flight back to Iquique. Morning flights to Alto Hospicio and Palo Buque and the sand dunes in the afternoon.

Day 5 to 8: Travel to the north, Pisagua, Arica, Putre and the Altiplano.

Day 9 to 11: Attempt to cross the Toquopilla Iquique.

Day 12 to 14: Fly to Iquique, Palo Buque and San Marco.

Day 15: Fly back to France.

Day 16: Arrival in France.




In an apartment or hotel in the sites where you will be paragliding.

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