Rila Mountains, 3 Day, Hut to Hut Snowshoe Tour


Join a UIMLA Tour Operator in the Top Guides team on a spectacular 3-day snowshoeing tour through the Rila mountains of Bulgaria.

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Rila Mountains

3 Days

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Come with us on this great snowshoe tour within the amazing Rila Mountains’ landscape! Once there, we will spend 3 days together hiking from hut to hut while witnessing the splendour of the Bulgarian mountain range.

Winter sports fans, you cannot miss this great opportunity to snowshoe within the Rila Mountains.

The whole 3-day  trekking trip will take place in the Rila National Park. We will visit the fantastic Seven Rila Lakes, The Green Ridge, Pazardere Valley and the Skakavitsa Waterfalls.

This is the ideal trip for those who are eager to leave behind the chaos of the city for the solitude of the mountains.

The Rila peak (2,925m) was once referred to as “The Desert Mountain”, so it is here where you will profit from its calmness, purity and magnificence.

We will move daily from hut to hut. You will live the unforgettable experience of sleeping in high-altitude conditions, with great mountain peaks surrounding you.

Each day we will move to different areas of the Rila National Park. We will snowshoe in high-altitude zones and on different types of surfaces, such as waterfalls and frozen lakes.

The trip’s level of difficulty is not particularly high, so anybody can enjoy it. However, in order to participate in this snowshoeing tour you have to have some previous walking on snowshoes experience. Also, to be acquainted and make use of the proper winter equipment. And, of course, you have to be in good physical shape and be able to walk for several hours.

Come and join us on this snowshoeing hut-to-hut adventure. We assure you will get to see astonishing mountain landscapes, the best Bulgaria has to offer. Just send us a request, and it will be a great pleasure to guide you through this extremely rewarding adventure in the Rila Mountains.

We can also lead you on a 6 day snowshoeing adventure in the Rhodopes mountains of Bulgaria as well.


Day 1: Departure-Skakavitsa Hut and Waterfall-Sleeping at Rila Lakes Hut

We will start from Panitshishte-Zeleni Preslop (1,5 from Sofia by car). Trekking to Skakavitsa Hut, where you can choose to showshoe to the biggest waterfall in the Rila Mountains: the Skakavitsa. Then, we trek upwards to the Dry Ridge’s top and then we descend to Rila Lakes Hut, at 2150 meters, where we will sleep that night.

Day 2: Snowsheoing to Ivan Vazov Hut and other mountain summits in Northwestern Rila

We will snowshoe for about 4 hours at 2600 meters until we reach the Ivan Vazov Hut at 2300m. This hut is located in the middle part of Northwestern Rila. Here, you have the choice of walking to the summits there are around that area.

Day 3: Trek back to starting point while passing through the Zeleni Rid Ridge

We will start our walk back passing and descending by the Zeleni Rid Ridge until reaching or the starting point or Malyovitsa. A nice way to finish the trip would be to visit the thermal pools in the village of Sapareva Banya on our return.




Rila Lakes Hut and the Ivan Vazov Hut.

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About the guide

Top Guides is an adventure travel company founded by three UIMLA-certified mountain guides Lyuben Grancharov, Dimiter Samounev, Alexander Serafimov. In 2016 we started as an association between certified local mountain guides united by the idea to ease and enrich the travelers’ outdoor experiences in Bulgaria.

Nowadays we are a leading tour operator specialized in authentic and tailored active tours throughout Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey and Georgia.

We offer a wide-range of activities: hiking, trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking, snowshoeing, ice climbing, ski touring and off-piste skiing.

All our guides are certified, experienced and passionate about their job and will guide you with a smile and care through the wild beauty of the Bulgarian and the Balkan mountains.

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