Rila, Vitosha, Bulgaria 7 Day Guided Snowshoe Tour


A UIMLA Tour Operator in the Top Guides team wants to lead you on a 7 day snowshoe tour through the Rila and Vitosha mountains of Bulgaria.

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Rila Mountains

7 Days

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Come and enjoy a fantastic guided snowshoeing week in the Rila and Vitosha Mountains. As local leaders, we know the region very well. Thus, we can promise you it will be an unforgettable winter experience!

The Rila and Vitosha Mountains are two amazing Bulgarian ranges with a great variety of landscapes suitable for the different winter activities. Today, I have the pleasure to propose you a 7-day snowshoeing tour in the best spots in Rila and Vitosha. 

Although Vitosha is considered a "small mountain range" I think it is in fact a real mountain that offers the best conditions for all kind of activities during the whole year. From climbing and mountain biking to ski touring, splitboarding and of course, snowshoeing.

On the other hand, the Rila Mountains form the highest mountain range in Bulgaria and even in the Balkan Peninsula. Its environment is perfect for snowshoeing. During our tour in this region, we’ll visit the Rila National Park, including the Skakavitsa Waterfall, the Rila Seven Lakes and the Malyovitsa area.

In each day of this trip, we will walk on snowshoes for about 4 to 6 hours, not counting breaks. Therefore, this expedition requires some previous hiking experience as well as a relatively good fitness level.

At the end of this description, you will find a sample day-by-day itinerary of this amazing snowshoe tour. Remember to bring comfortable clothes and specially, proper walking boots. In that way, you will keep your feet warm and make this trip really enjoyable.

If you are interested in this tour, please do not hesitate to send us a request. We can help you plan this trip according to your motivations and wishes. Let us show you the secrets of Rila and Vitosha. You will love these places as much as we do. 

If you only have a few days in Bulgaria, we also lead a 1-day snowshoe tour in the resort town of Bansko.



You will arrive at the airport of Sofia. After a 1:30 hours transfer, you will get to the Govedartsi Village (1200m). It’s located in a beautiful valley at the foot of Rila Mountains. Our accommodation of the day will be in a 3-star family hotel. Free afternoon.


We will be transferred to Malyovitsa area at 1730 meters of height. Then, I will teach you the basis of the use of the equipment. After that, we’ll start ascending the mountain towards the Wild Boars Lake (it’s a remote area of the Northwestern Rila range). If weather helps, we can enjoy the great views of the Kupenite peaks, the highest peaks around. Finally, we’ll descend to the valley of Malyovitsa, resting and having a hot cup of tea at the hut of the same name.

Then, we will descend to our starting point. It is a circular walk that will take us about 5 hours in total, with + 550 meters of elevation. Accommodation in the same hotel than the day before.


Today we’ll cross the mountain to the area of the Rila Seven Lakes. After a short transfer we’ll start the hike following an easy path through the forest that leads us to Vada Hut. The next aim is the Lovna Hut, but on the way we’ll do a short detour to the hidden mount of Zekiritsa (1730 m.). The mountain offers a unique view of the top parts of Northwestern Rila. After a short stop at Lovna Hut, we will finally descend to Pionerska Hut. From there, a 10-minute transfer will take us to our next accommodation. It is a 3-star hotel in Panichishte at 1400 meters of height. The total walking time for today will be about 5 hours, ascending 450 meters.


We will head up to the Seven Lakes area early in the morning in order to start a 2-day circular walk. A short ride will take us to Zeleni Preslop area at 1600 meters. Then, we’ll enter to the Skakavitsa Reserve in order to continue our way to the Skakavitsa Hut, the oldest one in these mountains. After about 1 hour we’ll reach the hut. From here, we’ll do a 40 minutes detour to get to the foot of Skakavitsa Waterfall, which is usually covered by thick ice during this time of the year. Back to the hut, we will continue ascending the Dry Ridge mountain that separates the Skakvitsa valley from the Seven Lakes cirque. We’ll go out of the forest and continue following the large ridge, enjoying a great view on both sides, until we reach a big lake (the Kidney Lake). Final descent close to the other lakes that will take us to Rila Lakes Mountain Hut. Overnight staying in the hut, where good food and accommodation facilities are waiting us.


We will descend from the hut and then, we’ll be transferred to our hotel, where we take our swimming stuff and head to the village of Sapareva Banya. It is the hottest thermal spring of Europe (103 degrees). We’ll lunch in a local restaurant and have a walk around the village. Accommodation in the hotel of Panichishte.


In the morning of our 6th day, we’ll set off to the highest parts of Vitosha Mountain. Our aim for today will be to climb Mount Cherni Vruh (2290m). We’ll hike its highest parts enjoying great views both of Sofia and Rila mountains. Finally, we’ll descend to Aleko Hut. A 40-minute transfer will take us to the center of Sofia. Accommodation in a 3-star hotel. Upon the flight schedules there might be time for a short sightseeing walk in Sofia. The total walking time for the day will be about 5 hours, with an elevation gained of +500 meters.


Departure. After a week of great snowshoeing experiences it’s time to say goodbye. End of the program!




3-star family hotels and the Rila Lakes mountain hut.

Meeting point



About the guide

Top Guides is an adventure travel company founded by three UIMLA-certified mountain guides Lyuben Grancharov, Dimiter Samounev, Alexander Serafimov. In 2016 we started as an association between certified local mountain guides united by the idea to ease and enrich the travelers’ outdoor experiences in Bulgaria.

Nowadays we are a leading tour operator specialized in authentic and tailored active tours throughout Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey and Georgia.

We offer a wide-range of activities: hiking, trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking, snowshoeing, ice climbing, ski touring and off-piste skiing.

All our guides are certified, experienced and passionate about their job and will guide you with a smile and care through the wild beauty of the Bulgarian and the Balkan mountains.

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