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Embrace the Adventure: Top Snowshoeing Trips Trips

Discover the peace and beauty of winter hiking through untouched snow!

Enjoy one of the oldest winter sports around and discover the addicting pleasure of snowshoeing! Developed over thousands of years and evolving along the way, it involves walking across snow with special footwear that displaces your weight over a larger area. From fur trappers to sports enthusiasts, it is an ever-popular activity that allows everybody the chance to explore hard-to-reach places in snowy frontiers. With phenomenal locations around the globe, our guides are ready to open your eyes to the thrill of this fun winter activity. See a new level of natural beauty and try a snowshoeing program that is perfect for you!

Snowshoeing Trips

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FAQs: Snowshoeing

What should I know about Snowshoeing ?

Through the centuries, snowshoeing has been a vital tool for survival in remote mountain locations, with inhabitants using snowshoes to traverse inaccessible wild regions. Today the traditional wooden frames have evolved into lightweight snowshoes, designed to increase mobility, allowing for a pleasant and exciting activity for all ages and levels of experience. Hiring a certified guide for a snowshoeing tour in the backcountry is the best way to enjoy an exciting and safe adventure.

Why should I choose Snowshoeing for my outdoor adventure?

Suitable for everyone

You don’t need previous lessons or experience to enjoy this exciting activity. Snowshoeing is fun and easy for everyone, from kids to grandparents alike, making it a great family outing.

The peace and quietness

Enjoy the tranquility of the forest in winter and discover the magic of hiking in the beautiful silent countryside. Snowshoeing allows you to immerse yourself in nature, exploring hidden winter scenery away from crowds.

Great exercise

Walking on your snowshoes is an amazing exercise and a perfect way to stay active and fit throughout winter. Snowshoeing is a full body workout, and although it involves mainly walking, it is an intense cardio activity.

What people are saying about outdoor trips in


Dean was very helpful and responsive to our enquiries. He was enthusiastic and devoted to show the prettiest side of Tre Cime to us. Although we were a bit behind, Dean was patient to wait for us and cater to our speed. Great experience!!



Marc was a wonderful guide! His trip into the alps introduced me to snowshoeing and the amazing scenery!


Dean was very attentive to all. Easy to talk to and informative



Our six days with Marc was a highlight of our 8 weeks in Europe. Marc is very knowledgeable of the greater Ecrins area. We snowshoed locations we could have never visited without local know-how and Marc's expertise. Very flexible with the itinerary to match conditions and client capability and preferences.



Andres was a phenomenal guide who made every day feel special and unique. Even when the weather was so bad we couldn’t go out he found a local oddity for us to go and explore based off of something I mentioned in the first day. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

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Need Assistance?

Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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