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Rock climbing initiation course in Catalonia

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Josep, a local certified climbing guide, wants to teach you the basic skills of the vertical world: join him on this 2-day rock climbing initiation program in Catalonia!


Catalan Coastal Range


2 Days


All year





Credit Card, Wire Transfer and more!


The climbing community is growing dramatically and Catalonia is a favorite amongst rock climbing enthusiasts. On this 2-day initiation course you will learn all the necessary skills to become an autonomous climber!

Rock climbing is a fabulous sport that combines physical exercise, nature, a sense of community and a positive atmosphere. And there’s no better place to practice this sport than Catalonia! In this region, we can find a wide variety of types of rock in a concentrated area including limestone, conglomerate, sandstone and granite.

On this 2-day tour you will learn everything you need to know about climbing. Some of the skills we will practice include reading climbing guides, orientation, difficulty graduation, use of equipment, progression techniques and many more climbing essentials.

Once we have covered the basics, we will get a chance to put our knowledge to practice! To do so, we will visit some of the most popular spots in Catalonia such as Tivissa, Margalef, Puertos de Tortosa-Beceite, La Mussara or Montserrat.

So, if you want to explore the world of rock climbing on this 2-day initiation program, please contact me! I’m sure that you will love this exhilarating sport and that you will be amazed by Catalonia!

I also have an introductory multi-pitch climbing course: check it out!

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