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Zermatt, Swiss Alps, Guided Glacier Hike

Zermatt glacier hike

Enjoy a full day of thrilling glacier hiking near the beautiful resort town of Zermatt in the Alps of Switzerland with mountain guide Herbert.



1 Day

May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep




  • Spend several hours exploring an amazing glacier.
  • Visit the beautiful resort town of Zermatt.
  • See the area's wildlife, from jackdaws to marmots.


When it comes to the Alps of Switzerland, there a few things that immediately come to mind. Those things usually begin with the peaks, which are spectacular, the skiing, which is great, and the glaciers. And on this day long hike, I would like to take you on an unforgettable journey where you can explore an enormous glacier!

This trip is based in the beautiful resort town of Zermatt. From the town, which I recommend you spend some time in as it is a great place to explore, we will venture to a nearby glacier.

Since this trip takes place during the summer months, the glacier will be relatively free of snow. As a result, you will get to clearly see all of the crevasses scattered throughout. Hence making the trek very safe.

On the glacier, you will get to see everything from a middle moraine along with an assortment of glacier lakes, mills and tables. You may also get to see a marmot, jackdaw or goat as well.

The trek will take approximately 4 to 5 hours. And while you don’t require any technical experience to enjoy this adventure, you should be in good physical condition.

Beautiful, unique and exciting, exploring a glacier is a sensational experience. And to do it amidst the backdrop of the Swiss Alps, near the wonderful town of Zermatt, only makes the trip better. To join me on this trip, just send me a request. I look forward to guiding you.

I can also take you on a 2 day hike from Zermatt to the new, modern and comfortable Monte Rosa hut, where you can enjoy amazing views of the Alps.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Rope

Price details

The price only includes the guiding fee. No additional services are included. Mountaineering boots, climbing seat harness crampons and telescope poles can be rented.



There are several comfortable accommodation options in Zermatt I would be happy to recommend to you.

More info

Participants must bring the following items: 20 - 30 liter rucksack, mountaineering boots, climbing seat harness, crampons with front points adjusted, telescopepol, touring trousers, waterproof jacket, fleece jacket with hood, gloves, shirt, socks, warm hat, sun glasses, sun screen, lip balm, flask or water bottle, personal medication, food. It is important to pack light, as all participants have to carry their own items.

Meeting point


About the guide

I am a nature lover who made his hobbies and passion into his profession. I possess only international recognized qualifications. As I am active in the mountains the whole year round my goal is to complement the programmes of the local organizations. My desire is to share with you my joy on the mountains, my knowledge, my experience and to make your stay in Zermatt to an unforgettable experience.

In the following pages you will find a few suggestions and ideas for your holiday in Zermatt. If my ideas or suggestions do not meet your demands, please do not hesitate to let me know what you would like to do and I will create your own personal programme. I am not only active in Zermatt but also everywhere where outdoor activities can be done. It would be a pleasure to accompany you safely and competently in the mountains.


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What people are saying about -Herbert Luethi

Ben Caplan


January, 2023

Have just finished 3 days skiing every mountain in Zermatt with Herbert He is an excellent guide and I look forward to skiing with him again

YoonJei Hwang


December, 2022

Excellent ~ It was a amazing moment I have done.

Niklas Warren


September, 2022

I am very pleased with Explore-Share! This was my first international climb, and the communication and response time were great. Herbie is a very skilled guide and very efficient. The entire booking process & payment was smooth. I will definitely use Explore-Share again. Thank you.

Roland Brennan


July, 2022

Great trip. Herby i very very detailed and showed me a lot on my first outdoor climbing adventure

Andy Serkis


April, 2022

I found the session with Herbert, which included glacier travel safety and crevasse rescue, to be extremely helpful. Thankyou Herbert for your advice, and all the team at Explore-share for connecting us.

Harry Smith


August, 2020

The guide was very knowledgeable.

Scott Walton


March, 2020

We were group of 3 with Herbert to the Monte Rosa drop off location. Our group has done lots of heli-skiing, cat skiing, and hiked routes. What we look for in guides is 1) safety 2) matching route to technical ability 3) advice in complex sections 4) having a personality and making the day fun. On safety: Herbert did a good safety briefing and told us where to position ourselves relative to his tracks, that was the extent of his safety. One of our group members fell part-way into a crevasse and was dangling on the ice wall, and he leisurely pulled out his rope to throw it down even after being told there was a very far drop. He routinely skiied out-of-sight of the entire group even in more dangerous sections. If someone had fallen through again, there was no rescuing them as he was the only one with the safety gear. On matching the route the technical ability of the group he did fine, the only part that was an issue was the very long flat ski out (he warned us about this, so we knew it ahead of time, I wouldn't do this route again because of this). On advice/tips for complex routes, he had nothing to offer, and was annoyed when you asked him questions, the only thing he said was "lean forward on your skiis", and didn't try to help anyone who had challenges. On the last part, personality, this was the worst. He was extremely annoyed that he had to help the person out of the crevasse, and even more annoyed that a snowboarder in our group was slower in the flat section. He complained to other ski guides that passed by that he was late for his lunch. When we stopped to break and took pictures he asked us to stop wasting time with taking our phones out. When we asked him if we should bring water (for a 5 hour ski) he said it's no necessary, which was crazy. Overall, it really put a damper on the entire experience, we spent a lot of money and came from Canada to experience this, and he nearly ruined it. He's a really good technical skiier, but has no patience nor does he put an ounce of effort in to making it fun or making people feel safe.

Diane Bryan


September, 2019

I really wanted to make it to the Hornli Hut at the base of the Matterhorn. I made it because Herbert, my guide, encouraged me to keep going when I was ready to give up. I'm so glad and grateful for his encouragement.

Thomas Reid


March, 2018

My wife and I had an incredible day with Herbert in Zermatt. Our guide did an excellent job of adjusting the skiing to fit our ability. Would not hesitate to highly recommend Herbert.....thank you for an epic memory.




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