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Explore Patagonia and the stunning Andes mountain range


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FAQs: Argentina

What should I know about Argentina?

Located in southern South America, Argentina is a large and diverse country, with many different landscapes and climates. The high mountains of the Andes are in stark contrast with the endless plains in the center of the country. The remoteness of Patagonia seems a world away from busy Buenos Aires. Famous for its high-quality red meat, make sure you fit an asado (bbq) into your visit. A short stay in Mendoza, well-known for its Malbec, could also be a good option for wine lovers.

Why should I choose Argentina for my adventure?

The amazing Andes

Mountaineers from all around the world dream of climbing in the Andes and reaching the summit of Aconcagua, the highest peak on Earth outside the Himalayas.

Buenos Aires’ European feel

Although a 10-13 hour flight separates Buenos Aires from major European capitals, you will probably feel quite at home in this large metropolis, where a lot of people speak English.

Beautiful, rugged Patagonia

There are few places on Earth as stunning as Patagonia. Deep blue lakes, enormous glaciers and endless peaks make for truly unforgettable scenery. You could explore Patagonia for months!

What can I expect from the weather in Argentina?

It gets colder as you move south. Expect scorchingly hot summers in the north and an agreeable temperature in Patagonia (although nights can get cold). During the winter, below zero temperatures are common in Patagonia.

How to get there?

You will probably fly into Buenos Aires. If you are planning on visiting Patagonia, you will probably want to fly to Bariloche, Calafate or Ushuaia, depending on what your goals are. For Aconcagua, fly into Mendoza.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Argentina?


What’s the country code of Argentina?


What currency is accepted in Argentina?

Argentine Peso, although US dollars are widely accepted in touristy spots.

What’s the high season in Argentina?

Considering Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere, visit during July, August and September if it’s skiing you are after and December, January, February and March for hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering.

What people are saying about Argentina trips



Merlin was a fabulous guide! Not only is he a super accomplished climber, but he is also personable and fun to spend the day with. We have some climbing experience, and Merlin selected sport climbing that was a fun challenge for our skill level. We 100% recommend him as a guide.



I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. Joaquin is an excellent guide, and will not only take you to you destination, but also teach you a lot about the geography and history around Aconcagua and the area around. The view of Aconcagua is better by the entrance to the park, but the trip up to Confluencia is worth the trouble if you are staying in Mendoza (or nearby, I travelled from Chile just for this hike). Depending on your fitness level, Joaquin can find a hike that will suit you and give you an experience of the Andes mountains that you wont get anywhere else.



Merlin was great—very knowledgeable, encouraging, and safe. I would definitely climb with him again and recommend his services very, very highly!



We had a great time!


We had a great experience climbing with Merlín in El Chalten. He did a great job of teaching us the basics and giving us a variety of climbs to do. The booking process was pretty straightforward, and overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

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Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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