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Armenia is located in the South Caucasus region in Eurasia. It is bordered by Georgia to the North, Turkey to the west, Iran to the south and Artsakh and Azerbaijan to the east. Mount Aragats is the highest peak in Armenia. This extinct volcano can be seen from Yerevan, the capital city. It is formed by 4 peaks: the Northern is the highest summit, at 4090m, and it is suitable for experienced climbers. The southern summit lies at 3879m and it is a great hike in summer months, when trails are dry and safe. In winter Aragats is a great ski mountaineering challenge.

Mount Ararat (5134m), where Noah’s Ark landed according to the Bible, is a national symbol for Armenian people. Armenia was the first country that adopted Christianity as a religion. Mount Ararat used to be situated within Armenian territory, but today it lies in Turkey, just across the border, after the international treaty of 1921. However, Armenian people still consider Ararat a sacred symbol of their own.

Armenia has an ancient, complex and tragic history. Armenians call for international recognition of what they consider a genocide, when 1.5 million Armenians died under the Ottoman Empire rule, between 1915 and 1922. To date, 24 states have responded positively to the country’s demand.




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Armenia has a continental climate, with cold winters and hot, dry summers. Climate can be bitterly cold in winter and wetter with increasing altitude, with the northern region enduring fairly common snowfall. In winter temperatures ranging between −10 and −5 °C. At lower elevations summer is very hot, with temperatures getting as high as 40ºC , although it usually ranges between 22 and 36 °C .


Armenian is the official language.


Currency Dram (AMD)

How to get there

Connections to Armenia are somewhat limited due to the closed border with Turkey and Azerbaijan. However, there are plenty of flights between the capital city, Yerevan, and other regional cities, including Paris, London, Vienna, Moscow, Dubai and Rīga. Land borders are open with Georgia and Iran.

Best time to visit

To visit Yerevan and the areas below 1,000 meters, late May and early June or else late September and early October would be the best time to visit, when the heat is comparatively less and weather is comfortable. At higher altitudes you could also visit from June to September. Ski trips are offered from February till May.






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