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Steep peaks of the Pindus, Mount Olympus, endless lakes and rivers


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FAQs: Greece

What should I know about Greece?

Located in the south of Europe, and with a population of 11 million, Greece is composed of a mainland and a huge number of islands, of which 227 are inhabited. With approximately 80% of the country mountainous, it is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts, especially hikers and rock climbers. Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, the geography of Greece has been hugely influential in its history, culture, and traditions.

Why should I choose Greece for my adventure?

The rugged spine of Greece

The 160-kilometre-long mountain chain of Pindus runs along northern Greece and southern Albania, with its most prominent point culminating in Mount Smolikas, at 2,637 meters. The snow-covered slopes give great skiing runs in the winter.

Myths on Mount Olympus

The mountain is the highest in Greece, as well as being one of the highest in Europe, and rises to 2,918 meters. Hiking on the legendary mountain brings you up close and personal with Greek mythology, home to the gods.

Flavours that roll with the hills

Greek cuisine is influenced by both the seasons and the geography, as flavours change with the varying terrain. Its cuisine makes good use of olive oil, grains, olives, cheese, bread and yoghurt. And the use of gyro, tzatziki, moussaka and baklava are stamps of its bondage to the Ottoman Empire.

What can I expect from the weather in Greece?

The primarily Mediterranean climate of Greece features mild and wet winters, and hot and dry summers. In the mountainous areas an alpine climate dominates, bringing heavy snowfalls to the slopes.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Greece?


What currency is accepted in Greece?


How can I get to Greece?

With over 21 million passengers coming through its doors every year, the Athens International Airport is the busiest in the country and the likely first stop in your travels to Greece.

What’s the country code of Greece?


What’s the high season in Greece?

If you’re coming to Greece for rock climbing, then fortunately it’s possible to climb all year round. However, the peak periods to visit are the spring months of April and May, and the autumn months of September and October. If you’re coming to ski, then head to Greece from January to March.

What people are saying about Greece trips



Amazing site. Helped but me in touch with Babis Marinidis. Fantastic mountain guide, super helpful and attentive to needs. Made my climbing of Mt. Olympus so much fun. Could not recommend Explore-share or Babis more!



Spectacular experience in just one day



Best day of climbing. Very skillful guide who did everything is his power to give us the best day we could, and he succeeded with flying colors. It was really hot the day we were going to climb, Dimitris found us a spot in the shade for a full day of climbing. Afterwards went for a beer and a bite town.



Dimitri was an expert in the local terrain throughout a vast region. He is professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of climbing, plus know how to have a good laugh outside of the ropes. 12/10 would climb again.



Great trip! Dimitris is professional and has a lot knowledges. I really enjoyed the trip with Dimitris , everything was organized in line of my wishes and we achieved all my aims of the trip in Parnitha . I recommend Dimitris to anyone who wants to explore and enjoy the nature of Greece .

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Need Assistance?

Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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