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From the top of Mount Kenya in the country’s central mountain range to the shores of Lake Victoria in the west and the iconic East African Rift Valley in the north, there is so much to see in this relatively small east African nation.


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English, Swahili


Kenyan shilling (KES)

Best time to visit:

For mountaineering, the best time to visit is from January to March and June to October

How to get there?

The vast majority of trips to Kenya will begin with a flight into the international airport outside of Nairobi (NBO)

What’s the weather like?

The weather throughout the year in Kenya is quite tropical. People generally wear summer clothes year round. The rainy season runs from March to June and October to December. Temperatures cool as you gain elevation, but rarely hit freezing

More info about Kenya:

The Republic of Kenya actually takes its name from Mount Kenya. The peak, which is the tallest in the country and second highest in Africa, has long been a challenging climb for advanced mountaineers. Boasting three summits, it is ideal to spend a week or two on its flanks trying to conquer them all. Outside of mountain climbing there is plenty else to do here too. Scuba diving along the coast is quite popular. Mountain biking and trekking through the Rift Valley are too. There’s also whitewater rafting on the Tana River and, of course, iconic safaris, either driving or walking. No trip is complete without paying homage to our ancestors and going to see Turkana Boy in the Nairobi National Museum. He is the most complete early skeleton ever found, having been dated to between 1.5 and 1.6 million years ago. Turkana Boy is a homo erectus specimen, one of the forbearers to the homo sapien species and offer a lot of insight into how we evolved into what we are today


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