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Practicing water sports in Serbia is a great way to discover amazing landscapes and natural wonders. Home to the Drina, Danube and Sava rivers, among others, that drain into the Black Sea, as well as to beautiful glittering lakes, Serbia is a unique location for kayaking, canyoning, and rafting. Find a certified guide on Explore-Share.com and prepare to make a splash in this top outdoor adventure destination!

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There are many reasons for choosing Water Sports in Serbia

Serbia is pierced by many rushing rivers, including the stunning Drina, Danube and Sava rivers. These amazing bodies of water are perfect for kayaking and rafting adventures.


Good to know:

Country code





Serbian dinar (RSD)

How to get there

Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport receives most international flights

Best time to visit

For water sports, during the warm months, between June and September


Warm summers, cold winters, humid continental climate in the north, and dry summers and autumns in the south characterize the Serbian climate

More info about Water Sports in Serbia:

Serbia is famous for its river network that drains into the Black Sea. The Drina, the Danube, the Sava, all pass through this gorgeous Balkan country and offer amazing water sports adventure opportunities. Additionally, Serbia is also famous for being home to over 2,000 caves, and also to gorges and waterfalls, which makes it a top location for canyoning in Europe. Lakes are another Serbian attraction, a great alternative for those that prefer calmer waters to practice water sports

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