All you need to know about freeride skiing in Arlberg (Austria)

Clara AguirrehOctober 29, 2018

Arlberg is one of the best spots in Europe to go skiing this winter season. It’s the largest interconnected skiing area in Austria, and one of the largest resorts in the world. It offers an impressive 88+ modern cableways, and 300+ interconnected kilometers of fantastic slopes – for all different skiing levels. It is also one of the most snow reliable spots in the whole range of the Alps.

There are so many great options in Arlberg for freeride skiing lovers that it can be quite difficult to pick where to go. Lucky for you, we’ve done the homework already! In this blog post you’ll be able to find all you need to know about skiing in Arlberg: where to go, when to visit, how much it costs, how to get there… and more!

Top facts about skiing in Arlberg

There are three top facts that make Arlberg a great choice to go skiing this winter:

  • 276 kilometers (170 miles) of piste, with skiing spots up to 2,811 m (9,200 ft).
  • It is a truly world-class resort with modern lifts and connections across the resort.
  • It features all the lovely Austrian charm with fantastic après-ski activities, with accommodation for groups and families.


All you need to know about freeride skiing in Arlberg (Austria)
Freeride skiing in Arlberg. Photo credit: Rudi Muller.

Where to go freeride skiing in Arlberg?


Off-piste and freeride skiing options are exceptionally good in this area. Snow conditions here are very stable. You will also find glacier ski mountains, and modern mountain lifts. This particular resort offers 145 kilometers of skiing.

The itinerary for your trip can be adapted to your experience, goals and time availability. Have a look at this Off-piste ski day at Solden, Arlberg with IFMGA-certified mountain guide Karel.

St Anton (or Sankt Anton)

This is by far one of the most famous spots in Arlberg if you are looking for some top-notch freeride skiing. Some even call it ‘the cradle of Alpine skiing’. It is a beautiful town with a good variety of après-ski activities, including bars, restaurants and shops.

If fine freeride skiing is what you are after, St Anton has something for everyone, and every skiing level. Programs here include visiting impressive ice capped peaks like Zeissladspitze, Gamskarspitze, Kaltenberg and Kreuzjochspitze.

Have a look at this 4-day Arlberg guided freetouring ski with IFMGA-certified local guide Rudi.

You can also make your own itinerary together with your certified guide: like with this Guided off-piste skiing in Sankt Anton program, for groups of up to 6 skiers.

The Austrian-Swiss border

Due to their proximity, some freeride skiing programs cover spots both in Austria and Switzerland, including Arlberg (Austria).

Take a look at this Ski touring in Austria and Switzerland, which covers Arlberg, with experienced and certified guide Robert.

If you are looking for a longer freeride skiing traverse, check out this Stubai-Arlberg 8-day guided freeride skiing tour (for experienced skiers – sustained level) with local IFMGA-certified guide Patrick.

What is the best season to go skiing in Arlberg?

Typically the most snow reliable months to go skiing in Arlberg are January, February and March. But December and April are generally good months as well.

How much does it cost to go skiing in this area with a certified guide?

As Arlberg offers a wide variety of freeride skiing options, prices also range according the duration of the trips. You will find programs ranging from 1 day to over a week. There is also the option of deciding together with your certified mountain guide how many days you’d like to plan for, depending on your goals, experience and availability.

1-day programs start at around 56 EUR per person per day, and longer 8-day programs can cost around 1350 EUR per person.

How to get to Arlberg?

Arlberg, and the main skiing spots within it, is easily reachable by train. There are also various modern highways to reach the different locations by car.


All you need to know about freeride skiing in Arlberg (Austria)
Arlberg features unique freeride skiing spots of up to 2,811 m (9,200 ft) high. Photo credit: Rudi Muller.


Plus, the area is fairly close to some of the main Austrian, Swiss and German airports like Innsbruck (about 100 km), Friedrichshafen (about 130 km), Zurich (around 200 km), and München / Munich (around 250 km).

Within Arlberg, there are various shuttle services as well as a wide variety of taxi options.

Now that you are all set with the basics of freeride skiing in Arlberg, where will you go? Have a look at more options with certified guides on, and let the snow season begin!

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