5 Awesome Things to Do Near Malaga, Spain

Emma KellyMay 02, 2019

Malaga, commonly known as the capital of the Costa del Sol is a favored vacation spot by many. It’s beautiful beaches and the year-round temperate climate attract visitors in droves. As stunning as those beaches are, however, there is so much more to this area than just that. If you venture a little bit out of the city, you’ll find a more adventurous side to Malaga. 

Granada is just a two-hour drive from Malaga and is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  Here, you’ll find stunning nature and landscapes like tall mountains and deep canyons. Granada and its surrounds offer the perfect spot for adventure activities.

Due to its close proximity to Malaga, you can experience the attractions around Granada as day trips if you want to.  Or, you can take your time and explore across many days. 

One thing is for sure, you won’t be stuck for ideas here. Keep reading to learn about some great options for your outdoor adventure trip near Malaga.


1. Reach new heights on a ski tour in the Sierra Nevada


Hot sandy beaches might be what you imagine when you think of Malaga. However, in the nearby Sierra Nevada, you’ll find an abundance of snow during the winter months. The Sierra Nevada range is a real gem. The mountains are actually the highest point in continental Spain are an amazing place for skiing. There are some pretty high peaks here, like Mount Mulhacén which sits at 3482 meters.

With mountains like these, you’ll be guaranteed some good runs. Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced skier, you’ll find slopes to suit you. It’s also possible to do both a day tour or a multi-day trip.


Outdoor adventures near Malaga
Take advantage of the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada to go ski touring. Photo courtesy of Mariano Frutos

This mountain range is a ski lovers dream and at just two hours from Malaga, it’s a super accessible location.

Getting there: From Malaga, the Sierra Nevada is easily accessible by car or public transport. There are a number of buses that leave daily from Malaga bus station. Granada can be reached via the A92 road then the Sierra Nevada via the A-395.

Take to the mountains and enjoy awesome powder on a ski touring adventure in the Sierra Nevada.

2. Get to grips with a new rock climbing adventure  


Rock climbing is a must do if you’re in Malaga. There is a wide range of areas to climb for both beginner rock climbers and seasoned pros. You’ll be able to improve your climbing skills under the guidance of an expert guide and get amazing views of the Sierra Nevada while you’re at it.

One awesome location is close to the historic town of Alfacar, where you’ll find a popular sport climbing area suitable for all levels. 

Getting there: Alfacar is just 20 minutes north of Granada along the GR-3103 road. From Malaga, the drive is around 2 hours via the A-92 road. 

Enjoy an awesome day rock climbing in Granada and learn all the basics for a successful climb.

Outdoor adventures near Malaga
Enjoy climbs for all abilities on a rock climbing adventure in Granada. Photo courtesy of Mariano Frutos

3. Take to the water in a kayak and see Malaga from a different perspective


Take advantage of the excellent coastal areas in and around Malaga like Salobreña beach and enjoy a kayak adventure. The Malaga summer can get pretty hot, so exploring the place in a  kayak is the perfect plan.

As you paddle you’ll get to take in the stunning mountains in the distance, explore nearby waterfalls and enjoy the beautiful and traditional Andalusian landscape. 

Getting there: From Malaga, Salobreña is easily accessible by car or public transport. From the city center, it is just a little over an hour away via the A-7.  You can also take the bus from Malaga station towards Nerja (Cuevas) and get off at Salobreña. 

Outdoor adventures near Malaga
Explore Malaga via its crystal blue waters in a kayak. Photo courtesy of Rafael Guerrero Melgar

4. See the stunning Andalusian landscape from up high on a via ferrata


The rugged cliffs of Los Vados and the Azud de Vélez gorge are simply breathtaking. They’re also a great place to try out a via ferrata climb.

The awesome thing about via ferrata is that as you climb, you’re secured to the rock through a system of iron ladders, chains, and cables. This makes it much easier to climb. It also means you don’t need to have any rock climbing experience to give it a go. 

Along the way, you’ll be treated with spectacular views of the Azud de Vélez gorge.

Getting there: From Malaga, the Azud de Vélez is easily accessible by car. From the center, it takes around 1.5 hours via the A-7 road. 

Join a certified guide for a via ferrata tour in Los Vados!

Outdoor adventures near Malaga
Enjoy the safety and security of a via ferrata climb in Los Vados. Photo courtesy of Rafael Guerrero Melgar
Outdoor adventures near Malaga
Take in spectacular views of the landscape around you as you climb, assisted by the via ferrata. Photo courtesy of Rafael Guerrero Melgar

5. Get your adrenaline fix while canyoning through gorges in Granada


You can’t leave Malaga without a visit to Rio Verde, an amazing gorge close to Granada. Exploring it while canyoning down is probably the most fun option.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, canyoning is an awesome adrenaline filled activity that sees you scrambling, swimming, climbing and shooting through the water between stunning rock faces.

Getting there: From Malaga, Rio Verde is easily accessible by car. It will take just two hours to get there from Malaga via the A-7. 

Feel the thrill of a canyoning experience near Malaga!  

Outdoor adventures near Malaga
Get up close and personal with stunning scenery in Rio Verde in Granada. Photo courtesy of Rafael Guerrero Melgar
Outdoor adventures near Malaga
Take a dip in the waters of Rio Verde and enjoy an adrenaline boost. Photo courtesy of Rafael Guerrero Melgar


So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Malaga adventures today. Then, set your sights on the rest of Spain with these awesome outdoor experiences. 


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