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Best Things to Do in Innsbruck, Austria


Andrew Aston

June 11, 2019

Last updated on March 22, 2022 by the Explore-Share team


Innsbruck is a postcard-pretty and gorgeous Austrian city, with its stunning architecture and sublime natural surroundings enticing many visitors each year. Its unique and attractive location, nestled between several high mountains of the Alps, means there is an abundance of fun and wild outdoor activities to indulge in throughout the whole year.

During the Winter months, ski touring and ice climbing prove immensely popular, with the city and the nearby ski fields renowned through out the world for their high quality, with Innsbruck even having hosted the Winter Olympics on two occasions.

There are a wide variety of landscapes and terrains to discover outside of the ski areas, and during the Summer months activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking and via ferrata climbs are exciting ways to explore the idyllic and sumptuous countryside around the city.

One of the handiest features of all these trips is that they only require 1-4 days to complete, ensuring that if you are in Innsbruck for business or vacation you will be able to fit in an awesome outdoor adventure – a different and unique way to spend your time there!

Check out the myriad of stimulating and exciting adventures on offer, all in the wonderful setting of Innsbruck!



1. Get up close and personal with nature by rock climbing in Innsbruck's great outdoors!


The mountains close by to Innsbruck are absolute rock climbing mecca's, with humongous rock faces of limestone and granite providing an interesting and varied collection of climbing options.


Rock Climbing in InnsbruckRock Climbing in Innsbruck

Two of the best and closest rock climbing spots to Innsbruck are Martinswand and Ehnbachklamm, with both located only approximately 10-15km from the city centre, and thrilling views back out over the lovely Austrian countryside and Innsbruck itself are an attractive feature of both.

Rock climbing so close to Innsbruck is a liberating and enjoyable experience, and can be done in little time at all.

In brief:

  • Difficulty Level: Easy, with the wide variety of climbing routes on offer ensuring it can be attempted by absolute beginners upwards.

  • Best time for this trip: May-September, when the weather is warmest and there is no snow.

Disconnect, unwind and challenge yourself on this guided rock climbing day just outside Innsbruck!

2. Indulge in some of the best ski touring in Europe, right on Innsbruck's doorstep!


The Austrian Alps that surround Innsbruck are regarded as some of the best ski touring locale's in Europe, with the conditions, views, landscapes and routes second-to-none.

Ski Touring in InnsbruckSki Touring in Innsbruck

The Karwendel Alps (2334m), located 45km North, Patscherkofel (2246m), located just 15km South, and Serles (2718m), located only 20km South, have all the fresh powder and truly awesome ski touring settings one can ask for, with the added bonus of tremendous views out over the Alps and beyond.

This is as close to ski touring perfection as you can get, and a true bucket-list place for ski touring enthusiasts.

In brief:

  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate, useful for beginners looking to make the step up or more advanced skiers looking for a more gentle undertaking.

  • Best time for this trip: January-April, when the snowfall is heaviest and weather coldest.

Join a guide on an epic ski touring adventure in the West Austrian Alps, from Innsbruck!

3. Enjoy 4 thrilling days of mountain biking in the mountains around Innsbruck!


This 4-day mountain biking adventure near Innsbruck is as utterly thrilling, exciting, stimulating and adrenaline-pumping as it gets, with the scenic mountain paths leading to some stupendously fun downhill runs to the lush green valleys below.


Mountain Biking in InnsbruckMountain Biking in Innsbruck

Nordkette Mountain, Karwendel and Seefeld provide the thrills within 20km of Innsbruck, with the tranquil, peaceful and mesmerizing Inn Valley entailing breathtaking views approximately 70km from the city.

Mountain biking nirvana awaits those who choose to ride around the delightful Austrian countryside close to Innsbruck.

In brief:

  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate, with some mountain biking experience necessary.

  • Best time for this trip: June-September, when the conditions are driest and there is plenty of sunlight.

Take in the best mountain biking scenery that Austria has to offer on this spectacular 4-day adventure!

4. Swap Innsbruck's city streets for ice climbing in the alluring Alps!

Not far from Innsbruck there are excellent ice climbing locations in abundance, with the extremely popular outdoor activity regions of the Pitzal Valley and the Kaunertal Valley home to some of the best spots in the country.

Ice Climbing in InnsbruckIce Climbing in Innsbruck

Whether you are a beginner ice climber or an expert, there is a wide array of climbing routes and options here for all. The dramatic and awe-inspiring ice walls and faces range from 50m high to a jaw-dropping 350m high, with the associated views out over the picture-perfect alpine scenery capping it all off.

In brief:

  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate, with some prior ice climbing experience a necessity, and being in good physical condition recommended.

  • Best time for this trip: November-March, when the weather is coldest and thus ice forms much easier.

Book a guided trip and test your ice climbing skills in the majestic ice falls near Innsbruck!

5. Climb a via ferrata with the family and enjoy the stunning scenery!


Sitting approximately 60km East of Innsbruck city centre, the pleasant areas of Mayrhofen and Zillertal play host to an array of via ferrata routes and high-rope climbs, including several hiking paths and a fun rope bridge to navigate.

Via Ferrata in InnsbruckVia Ferrata in Innsbruck

Each section is family-friendly, ensuring that people of all ages and abilities can join in, with rocky terrain and even a charming waterfall surrounding the climbing areas.

Climbing a via ferrata this close to Innsbruck allows you to disconnect and unwind from modern life, whilst having a ball with friends and family.

In brief:

  • Difficulty Level: Easy, with most routes designed for children and beginners.

  • Best time for this trip: June-September, when the weather is warmest.

Join a family-friendly via ferrata close to Innsbruck!


If all this sounds good, then take the plunge now and book an inspiring adventure in Innsbruck!


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