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Best time to ski in Norway, Lyngen Alps

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February 5, 2024

Last updated on February 5, 2024 by the Explore-Share team


While the question of "when to ski in the Lyngen Alps" might seem straightforward, the answer might actually be quite surprising.

Skiers used to European weather usually expect April or May to be too warm, with little chances for powder snow - a very common misconception. In fact, the area around Lyngen is located 70 degrees north, a latitude that is almost equivalent to the center of Greenland!

Lyngen Alps

Naturally, the influence of the Gulf Stream brings about considerably milder temperatures - yet, the area remains geographically Arctic, and typically experiences favorable snow conditions that persist until around mid-May.

Guides in the Lyngen Alps typically start the skiing season towards the end of February and finish it at the beginning of May, to ensure the best snow conditions. In 10 years of skiing in this area, guides have consistently encountered optimal snow conditions during this period, with issues arising more commonly in January and February.

ski in Norway

When can I Ski in Norway?


First of all, it’s dark – it’s an Arctic night. There is very little light (just 3 hours of a so-called “blue day”) and the sun only appears over the horizon at the end of the month. Frequently, it's very windy with minimal snowfall.  Certainly, not an ideal month for touring.

The average temperatures range between -10 and -5°C, with an average wind speed of 4-5 m/s. Our advice – stay home or consider visiting the Alps instead!


There is usually a warm period in February, but it remains still quite windy and cold. This month sees the biggest snowfall of all, with approximately 50 cm or more. Towards the end of the month, the days become significantly longer, similar to Northern Europe, lasting about 9 hours. These overall conditions make it possible to go for regular tours, with temperatures ranging from -4 to 10°C.

ski in Lyngen Alps


This month is ideal for ski touring, as it experiences less wind levels compared to January and February. Snowfall is still substantial, approximately around 35cm. The days gradually get longer, and we also get some really nice and sunny weather. Temperatures range between -7 and -1°C it gets colder the higher you go. At 1000m, the temperature can be roughly 10°C lower than at sea level, and with the wind chill factor, it can feel quite cold.

Despite this, it’s a great month with loads of fresh snow, excellent skiing conditions and some sunny weather. It is still a winter month, though, so don’t forget to bring your down jackets.

Lyngen Alps


That's usually mountain guides' favorite time of year to ski in the Lyngen Alps. The days are long and typically very sunny, and it can become quite warm when in direct sunlight.

It’s significantly less windy and snowfall is still considerably substantial averaging around 20 cm, although in our experience, it's often more than that. Actually, in recent years, there has always been a substantial snowfall in April, with at least 50 cm in a single snowfall. Temperatures at the sea level are very friendly – between -4 and 2°C - but it still gets frosty at higher elevations.

Overall, these conditions create perfect skiing conditions and an ideal time to be in the Arctic – those who frequently visit the region are well aware of this.

ski in Norway, Lyngen Alps


The start of May is often blessed with a period of colder temperatures and peasant snowfalls. Average temperatures for the first part of May range between 0 and 5°C, with a snowfall of about 5 cm. It is actually an excellent time for skiing, as it's generally possible to ski down to a waterline until mid-May.

In the last 10 years, guides in the Lyngen Alps have only once experienced snow shortage at sea level, while conditions in the mountains remained good. The beginning of May is mostly very sunny, creating periods of lovely weather, sometimes even allowing for skiing in t-shirts. Although regular powder snow should not be expected, the slush in return can make skiing extremely rewarding and just as thrilling as any other time.

Choosing the Best Month to Ski in Norway

Here you have the average temperature and snowfall chart.  – whether you prefer a higher chance for powder skiing but with colder and less sunny conditions in March, or milder, sunnier conditions with still good powder skiing in April. Trust us - any choice is a good one; there are no bad options here.

If you’re seeking the ultimate ski experience in the Lyngen Alps, we highly recommend staying in Uloya. Here, you’ll discover a premier professional lodge operated by a team of seasoned mountaineers and skiers.

The accommodations are exceptionally comfortable, featuring amenities such as a sauna and dedicated drying/equipment rooms. Most importantly, the lodge is situated in a stunning location, right along the seashore at the base of the majestic Blatinden mountain range (elev. 1146). Some of the tours even commence right at your doorstep.

skiing in Norway, Lyngen Alps

Enjoy your skiing this season on the unparalleled Lyngen Alps and bring back home a lot of great memories!

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