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Hiking in Les Vosges: a beginner’s experience very close to home

Carolina ThibaudOctober 15, 2018

It was thanks to a partnership between and outdoor retailer A.S. Adventure that Belgians Jens and his girlfriend Leen won a hiking and sylvotherapy weekend in Les Vosges, in eastern France, close to Epinal. They have been guided by Eric a local mountain leader (IML) featured on Explore-Share.

The group takes in the beautiful views in Les Vosges. Photo: Courtesy of Eric Brisbare.


Covered in dense forests, the French department of Les Vosges (which borders with Germany) is named after a low mountain range of the same name and is slowly emerging as a popular hiking, trail running and mountain biking destination, just a few hours’ drive away from Luxembourg, Geneva and Brussels.  


For Jens and his girlfriend, the weekend away was their first hiking experience and they were happy to share it with their guide and a group of 10 other people, mostly from France. “We walked nice trails and enjoyed breathtaking views along the way. The forest is extremely diverse and it was challenging enough for a first hiking experience,” Jens told Explore-Share.


Hiking in Les Vosges
Covered in dense forests, Les Vosges is emerging as a popular hiking destination. Photo: courtesy of Eric Brisbare.


They started early afternoon on Saturday from Le Rouge Gazon in Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle and hiked for 7km among beautiful autumn landscapes. They spent the night in a lovely lodge owned by very friendly locals. After a delicious dinner and a good night’s sleep, they hiked for 11km on the second day, stopping for lunch in a beautiful chalet in the forest.


Lodge Vosges
The group had a good rest at a cozy lodge owned by friendly locals.


Jens especially enjoyed the interaction with the rest of the group and the lodge where they stayed, which was very cozy. “Basic in a good way”, he summarized. 


The weekend also included an introduction to Sylvotherapy, a practice that aims to enhance a person’s wellbeing through contact with trees and their energy. It provided Jens with the chance to learn about the healing properties of spending time in nature and in close contact with the forest. He said,

“I really enjoyed the calm, the silence, taking a step back to reconnect.” 


Trees Vosges
The weekend away included an introduction to sylvotherapy, which uses the healing properties of trees. Photo: courtesy of Eric Brisbare.


These hikes in Les Vosges are also possible in winter. During the colder months, Eric guides his friends and clients using snowshoes. The silence and peacefulness of nature covered in snow makes the weekend even more magical.


Winter Vosges
The Vosges landscapes get covered in snow during the winter months, turning the trip even more magical. Photo: courtesy of Eric Brisbare.


“We are very happy that this first hiking experience was a success for Jens and Leen. At, we strongly believe great outdoor activities enrich peoples’ lives. Our mission is to encourage our users to get out there, fulfil their dreams and live new experiences”, said Gauthier, the company’s CEO.


“Our partnership with A.S. Adventure aims at reinforcing A.S. ‘s corporate mission which is to help its clients to embrace new and amazing outdoor experiences. I’m very excited about this collaboration! Stay tuned, other contests will be organised in the coming months,” he added.


Les Vosges offer breathtaking views. This shot was taken in Autumn.
Refreshment pause with a view 🙂
One of the many conifer forests of Les Vosges

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