What Makes the Lyngen Alps the Perfect Place for a Unique Family Ski Holiday During Spring Time?

Marina ParraMarch 11, 2019

Only a few places provide the extraordinary feeling of being ‘at the edge of the world’. Lying 500 km beyond the Arctic Circle and stretching along the Lyngen Peninsula in northern Norway, the Lyngen Alps are one of these rare exceptions.  

Combining fjords, steep mountains plunging down to the sea and more than 100 glaciers, it’s no wonder this vast wilderness makes for a first-class ski touring destination.

Located in the stunningly beautiful island of Uloya ―a less-traveled spot in the Troms County, sitting to the east side of the Lyngenfjord― the Lyngen Outdoor Center makes an excellent starting point to explore the Norwegian Alps. Here, a team of IFMGA-certified guides and outdoor lovers offer a wide variety of activities for guests looking for an active holiday off-the-beaten-tracks.


“We deliver the unique experience of unspoilt nature in a magnificent setting―says Artur, who is in charge of the Lyngen Outdoor Center― And allow you to feel the exhilarating joy of flying (because it’s not riding, it’s really flying!) in pure, untouched powder snow straight to sun-reflecting waters”.


This amazing retreat in Uloya offers comfortable, warm and fully-equipped apartments just a few meters from the sea. From there, you can set out for all sorts of guided or self-guided activities.

Adventure awaits right at your doorstep!


3 Reasons to Spend a Family Holiday in the Lyngen Alps


Ski touring in Uloya
All kinds of snow adventures, great accommodation and a stunning scenery make Uloya an amazing travel destination for a family trip. Photo courtesy of the Lyngen Outdoor Center

Everyone can experience things they love!


From ski touring to dog-sledding or ice climbing, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy in this sweet spot in the Lyngen Alps. This diversity makes it ideal for a family trip. Both adults and kids can enjoy different things every day or even the same activity but adapted to their level. 


It’s an opportunity to strengthen family bonds


Spending time together in an isolated place takes everyone away from our daily routines and busy lives, builds everlasting memories and allows a deep connection with nature. It’s not everyday that you get to experience the feeling of being tiny in front of an expansive dazzling landscape…and share it with the people you love just makes it even better!  


You’ll be guided by real experts in love with Norway!


Traveling to distant places expands your horizon: you learn new things, leave your comfort zone and sometimes have to cope with tough conditions. Being with a team of experienced guides will take your experience to the next level and make you feel safe all the time.  

What to Do? Best Activities in the Lyngen Alps in Spring 

Ski touring in Uloya
They don’t call them the Lyngen ‘Alps’ for nothing. Get ready for some steep runs! Photo courtesy of the Lyngen Outdoor Center

Ski touring


With alpine mountains that seem to be rising from the deep blue waters of the fjords and tons of pure powder snow, the Uloya island in the Lyngen Alps is definitely one of Norway’s best ski touring venues.

Keep reading: here’s our guide of the best places to go ski touring in Norway

You may be wondering: what exactly should I expect from ski touring in Uloya? Well, it can be as amazing as this:



(This video shows the adventure of a group of 6 friends that contacted Explore-Share for a ski touring trip in the Lyngen Alps in 2017).


Here you’ll find 1,000 meter long slopes falling right to the sea (Norway is one of the few countries that allow this amazing experience) and exceptional snow conditions, specially during the Spring season (April, May). Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find ski itineraries to suit your level.

There are ski tours that you can take on your own and others where you will be best accompanied by a mountain guide. “Ski-Climb Touring” ―a mix of ski touring and mountain climbing― is the specialty in Uloya. One of the most popular tours is a 15km loop that reaches the summit of Blåtinden (1,142m) and provides a thrilling ski descent that ends-up at the front door of your lodge. How incredible is that?


For a self-guided option, check out this 1-week ski tour from a lodge in Uloya! / If you’d better go there with a guide, go for this guided ski touring week


Another favorite ski tour is the Grand Traverse of Uloya, a 20 km itinerary that takes you through 3 different peaks!

If you are in the mood for exploration, an exciting alternative is to jump on a boat and take a trip to ski in the nearby rarely visited islands, like Kagen and Arnoya. During your stay at the lodge, you have a modern and comfortable boat at your disposal.


Ski touring in Uloya
Sailing and skiing: a combination that only a few places can offer. Photo courtesy of the Lyngen Outdoor Center


Ice climbing


The first ascent of the WI5 icefall above Isvannet - Lyngen Alps
Climbing an WI5 icefall above Isvannet. Photo courtesy of the Lyngen Outdoor Center

The Blåvannet Valley and Isvannet Valley in Uloya provide amazing opportunities for ice climbing, including the chance of finding virgin unclimbed routes and practicing dry tooling. The icefalls are between 10 and 60 meters height, and can reach up to WI6 difficulty level.

Part of the charm of Uloya resides in the fact that there’s a lot yet to be discovered. Aren’t you thrilling to be a part of it?


Other activities


Ski touring in Uloya
This can be your home during your Lyngen  Alps’ vacation! Photo courtesy of the Lyngen Outdoor Center

If you visit Uloya with your family, there are a lot of activities that you can enjoy with your kids. Explore the amazing Arctic terrain with snowshoes, take a snowmobile tour or go for an exciting dog-sledding excursion. You can also try snow hole building, fishing and easy ski tours. The activities are endless!

Everyday is a new chance to discover new things and enjoy incredible views in this Arctic paradise! Nature is omnipresent: from the water you drink from the tap (“amazing, soft and tasty water coming down from the Isvannet lake”) to the local wildlife like reindeer, eagles and elk, that you may spot if you keep your eyes wide open!

Recently, a large family spent a wonderful week at the lodge, enjoying all types of adventures.  Here’s what Jean, one the family members, said about the trip:


“This is just a unique place for a unique experience and a unique team! Artur made our stay amazing. The nature is so wonderful we couldn’t believe it. Great ski in this truly unspoiled nature. This is modern adventure at its best with a great comfort!”


Leave the logistics in the hands of the experts and enjoy 3 days of winter activities in Uloya!


Ski touring in Uloya
Family trip in Uloya! Photo courtesy of the Lyngen Outdoor Center

Is it Possible to Rent Equipment There?


“We rent anything from skis, boots and avalanche safety equipment, to helmets and backpacks!” says Artur.


What’s the Weather Like in the Lyngen Alps in Spring?


Ski touring in Uloya
The Lyngen Alps in spring: not as cold as you could imagine! Photo courtesy of the Lyngen Outdoor Center

Unlike what you could imagine, “you should not expect Siberian frosts”, says Artur. “Temperatures are around -5/-10 at the waterline, however the higher you go the frostier it gets. With often present wind you certainly need a warm hat!”

Spring is the best time to ski in Norway. In the Lyngen Alps, this means powder snow, friendlier temperatures, reliable snow conditions and more hours of daylight. More sunshine also means that the snow melts during the day and frozen again at night, creating a perfect sliding surface several centimeters thick.


“In late April and May the temperatures get mild, even as high as +10. Sun shines strongly and at times it feels like in the Italian Dolomites. But still, this is the Arctic: strong winds and sudden blizzards are not uncommon. The changing simply weather adds to the Arctic experience”.

Traveling to the Lyngen Alps in Summer and Winter


Northern Lights in Uloya
December and January are the best months to see the Northern Lights in the Lyngen Alps. Photo: Lyngen Outdoor Center

There’s no right answer to the question ‘what is the best time to travel to the Lyngen Alps?‘. The best time for you will depend on the activities you’d like to do there. This amazing region allows different kinds of experiences, most of them only available on a specific time of the year.

  • Best time to see the Northern Lights: With harsh temperatures and dark days, the Winter months may not be so appealing for skiing (though the snow is great!), but they offer the best chances for seeing the infamous Northern Lights (aurora borealis), an otherworldly phenomenon that can be spotted from only a few places on Earth. The aurora season runs from September to April, but the best time to catch them are December and January.
  • Best time for hiking & rock climbing: The summer months in the Lyngen Alps come with plenty of adventures to enjoy a different side of Northern Norway and explore the outdoors under the stunning Midnight Sun.

Enjoy a multi-outdoor week in Uloya, with the guides of the Lyngen Outdoor Center

How to Get to the Lyngen Alps?



The main city in the Lyngen Alps is Tromso. To get there, you can either fly to Oslo and take a domestic flight to Tromso, or take an international flight directly to Tromso from cities like London, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Munich, among others.

To get to Uloya, you need to go from the Tromso airport to the Rotsund ferry port and catch the ferry to the island.

If you decide to stay in the Lyngen Outdoor Center, they provide a transfer service at an extra cost that takes you from Tromso Airport (212 km) right to the Lodge.


Ski touring in Uloya
Northern Norway and the feeling of being ‘at the edge of the world’. Photo courtesy of the Lyngen Outdoor Center

With a wide variety of activities and a superb scenery that never fails to allure, the Uloya Island in the Lyngen Alps it’s a fantastic place for a family trip to remember!

Take a chance to embrace adventure (while staying at super comfortable apartments!) and spend some quality time with your loved ones in one of the most incredible places on Earth. Check out all the trips available at the magical Lyngen Outdoor Center, as well as all our ski touring getaways in the Lyngen Alps and start planning your next family holiday!


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