Cross-country skiing in Canada

Head into the wild and woolly wilderness of North America and experience the exhilarating backcountry of Canada on a captivating cross-country skiing trip!

Discover the friendly Canadian lifestyle while cross-country skiing through its iconic landscape of rivers, forests, mountains, lakes, and plains! Stretching over 3,000 miles (5,000km) from east to west, there is plenty to explore, from its highest mountain (Mount Logan at 5,959 meters) to Banff National Park and Lake Louise. You can even dive into the historic French influence of Quebec before embarking on a journey across the snowy territory! So grab your skis and your adventurous spirit – the pristine backcountry of Canada is waiting for you!

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There are many reasons for choosing Cross-country skiing in Canada

Canada is pretty, but possibly more importantly, Canada is pretty big. You can see all types of terrain throughout its territory, and cross-country skiing is an amazing way to do it! Ski along the intriguing foothills of its Atlantic Coast, home to some of the oldest geology and well-protected forests in the world. If you want to add challenges to your cross-country jaunt, head for Alberta and the Canadian Rockies and explore the tantalizing peaks and foothills of its undisturbed natural beauty. Into the Coast Range and along its mind-boggling coastline, there is no shortage of exciting and fascinating features in this enchanting and immense country.


Good to know:

Country Code



English; French


Canadian dollar (CAD)

Best Time to Visit

The winter is the best time to visit, generally from December to March. Late season trips allow for more comfortable temperatures without compromising the snow quality


Canada's size means the weather is relatively varied depending on the location. Cold and snowy winters are common in most areas, with mild to warm summers in the south

How to Get There

Fly into Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or Montreal before switching to a domestic flight. Driving between major cities and points of interest is relatively simple thanks to roads and efficient services

More info about Cross-country skiing in Canada:

Canada is a huge country by land mass and is home to an array of exciting natural features. For skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers, it has become a beacon of adventure because of its snow conditions and sheer size of its landscape. The southern part of the country is the most inhabited, effortlessly blending iconic national parks like Algonquin, Banff, Jasper, and Jacques-Cartier near urban centers for perfect access and exposure. For adrenaline-junkies who want a more remote cross-country experience, there is a mostly-undiscovered north that is begging to be seen. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary are the largest areas to reach internationally before domestic travel. Be prepared with travel plans ahead of time as some regions will have limited service which can hinder your ability to modify and plan your cross-country adventure

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