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Huayna Potosi Hiking

Access to wonderful views of La Paz from this over-6000-meter mountain

Huayna Potosí lies in the heart of the Cordillera Real of the Bolivian Andes. It is an emblematic mountain of the country, very close to its capital La Paz, with a peak that reaches 6094 meters high. Although reaching the sky of the Cordillera Real implies a good physical condition and deep technical knowledge, in Huayna Potosí it is possible to hike gentler trails too. A good option is to get on a trekking approach to the mountain from Portezuelo (4940m). Or enjoy wonderful walks of one or two days through its lagoons located at the foot of the mountain. From there you can even see the snow-capped Chacaltaya, a peak of 5421 meters high. Here it is our selection of hiking trips in Huayna Potosí. Hire a certified local guide from Explore-Share.com and enjoy your next adventure in Bolivia.

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Huayna Potosi

Folklore is everywhere in Bolivia and especially in La Paz, very close to Huayna Potosí. You will always find native dances, music and colors. They are cheerful people, proud of wearing typical masks and costumes.


Good to know:

Best time to visit

From early April to the end of September


Although during the fall and winter, the days are shorter and the temperatures are very low, outside of this period, rain is usually abundant and the climate changes can make your hiking adventure difficult

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For those who want to ascend Huayna Potosi, the route runs on slopes between 50° and 70°. After crossing several cracks, you can choose an “easy” path on the left and reach the top after a few meters of snow. Another option is to go right and take the way that leads to a 100 m edge towards the main summit

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