Horseback Riding in Argentina

Horseback riding in Argentina is a great way to discover the plains and the mountains of this stunning country. Find a certified local guide at and discover this vast and stunning territory a top a horse!

Argentina is a vast country with a wide variety of landscapes and climates where horseback riding is a regular practice, and in the mountains, a great way to access remote spots up high. With a certified local guide, you will be able to get to the places you’re looking for that you don’t know are there and have someone who can arrange the logistics. Plus, horses are themselves guides since they know the territory like no other.  Start planning your horseback riding trip in Argentina and pick one of the experts at to show you the way: 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. The mountains are calling!

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There are many reasons for choosing Horseback Riding in Argentina

Horseback riding in Argentina allows you to access remote spots, with their steady footing, horses can take you up rocky terrain and cross rivers and streams in the stunning mountains.


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The weather in Argentina varies greatly depending on the location and altitude. Summer is from December to March, then autumn lasts until June, winter to September, and then comes flowery spring

How to get there

The most important international airport in Argentina is in Buenos Aires, and from there, you can either fly, take a long distance bus or drive to all other provinces. Public transport within each province is also available, although some have a more developed system than others

Best time to visit

You can go horseback riding in Argentina year round, however in places with snow, winter might be less ideal. Summer months are very hot in some provinces but mild towards the south and near the mountains. Furthermore, summer is high season for tourism, so more places are open and it is more accessible to move around remote areas

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Horseback riding is a popular practice in Argentina, commonly associated with the gaucho culture. It is also a great way to explore its many terrains that span along the Andes mountains with its bright colors and arid landscapes in Salta and Jujuy up north, to the vineyard covered Mendoza and sunny San Juan further towards the center and the blue lake, glacier clad south. Options include long trips camping in the mountains, or short excursions to explore an easy to access spot with the whole family. Choose one of the guides featured at and they will be able to show you the way and arrange all the necessary logistics. Whichever your preference, horseback riding in Argentina will be an adventure you will never forget!

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