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Half-day Horseback riding, Laguna de los Patos, Tilcara, Jujuy

Half-day Horseback riding, Laguna de los Patos, Tilcara, Jujuy | Argentina

Let David, an AAGM certified guide, take you to a true paradise on Earth, Laguna de los Patos. Follow him on this horseback riding half day trip near Tilcara in Jujuy, northern Argentina.



1/2 Day

All year

Open To Everyone

All Levels


* Explore the charming town of Tilcara, in Jujuy, northern Argentina

* Visit the Laguna de los Pato, a paradise near Tilcara

* Admire different species of aquatic birds in their natural habita


Join me on this horseback riding adventure to Laguna de los Patos. Discover this marvellous place near the charming town of Tilcara, in the province of Jujuy, northern Argentina.

The itinerary I suggest will begin riding towards the Rio Grande, passing through Tilcara, until we reach the Laguna de los Patos. Then, we will head back using the Malka river, passing by and admiring local houses and fincas.

This mesmerizing lagoon was formed over an upland, with the most majestic mountains and hills of differents shapes and colors. And, even though a desert surrounds it, it is an incredibly lush area, used for cultivating. Here, the tranquility is only interrupted briefly by the wind blowing or the song of a bird. It is a true Eden on Earth that seems to have come out of a dream.

More than 20 species of aquatic birds visit this lagoon daily, especially different kinds of ducks. Hence its name, which means the Lagoon of Ducks.

Located only 2 kilometers outside of Tilcara, near Pucara, it is very accessible through the road near Rio Grande. Thus, the horseback riding we’ll experience will be gentle and peaceful. Yet, surrounded by some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the country.

If you want to join this horseback riding half day trip, just send me a request. Let me show you some of my favorite spots in this paradise in Jujuy, Argentina.

Are you looking for something different? You can also check this ascent to 6732-meter Llullaillaco Volcano that I guide too.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

Minimum 2 and maximum 15 people for this trip. To confirm the trip 20% of the price is required in advance. The prices are per person, per season.


More info

Bring comfortable clothing and shoes, sunscreen and a hat. Please note each horse has different characteristics and personalities. We have different saddles according to your needs.

Meeting point

CHICAPA behind the Pucara of Tilcara

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

AAGM Mountain Guide from Argentina.

I was born in Catamarca province, land of 6000m peaks (los seismiles), such as Pissis and Ojos del Salado.

I now live in Tilcara, Jujuy, located in the 'Quebrada de Humahuaca' a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I guide mountaineering, trekking, horse riding and multi adventure trips in Argentina's North and North-West region.

When guiding, my objective is to provide confidence and safety to my clients, and by the end of the trip to say goodbye as friends.



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What people are saying about David



I dont know where to start. But david do not speak english, as he said and lupe from explore and share said he did. But I was thinking okay ill get to practice My spanish. But we had some trouble in communication. And there was some bad communication between david and Explorer and share so i did not get the expedition i bought. I paid My self for 3 days at hostels and hotels althoug it was included also 100 dollars extra for base camp at llullaillaco. At grand tolar david left me at gave me a local guide lorenzo also only speaking spanish but really nice and peacefull and great Guy by the way. But david said he has problems so he had to go. When i got down from summit no david. So i write to him a litle angry where he was and where My stuff was and he was in a city 3 hours away. But he got me some transport to him and ill ended up paying for My hotel there to. Now to the good things. The expedition where beutyfull. And david know whats good for you i got good aklimatation and most places where absolutely stunning. Will i recomend david. Probely not. Unless you speak spanish and make sure everthing is sorte out and no misunderstandings.



I had a mindblown experience riding in the mountains for 3 days in Juyjuy, or should I say horseback mountain climbing. I do have previous experience with horseback riding, but I have never done anything compared to this. Mesmerizing views, primitive overnight stays and food in the nature. I was also allowed to book very last minute, resulting in me being alone in the mountains with a guide. This tour is an experience that I will take with me fondly for life. My communication with David was good. My guide on the journey, Gonzalo, was very shy and timid. He only answered questions and did not explain to me the areas we were riding through. Something that I would have appreciated. This is also a very Argentinian experience in the sense that they sent an itinerary that was not exactly followed, and they were not punctual on time. If you have a relaxed view upon things like these, you will have an amazing time. Living here, I have come to learn that this is very Argentinian, so you also get a cultural experience. On the plus side, here, everything has a solution. The only thing, as an urbanized European, I would have highly appreciated, is that they bring a satellite telephone (mentioned in the itinerary) and a primitive first aid kit (mentioned during the briefing), that they did not. I do understand that they know these mountains like the back of their hands. But I do not, if something would have happened. I did feel safe during the tour. All in all, I highly recommend this tour, while ensuring that important things to me are brought on the trip.



I hired David Torres for a full-day mountain hike at least 2 months in advance. Without explanation or warning, he sent in his place a man with a recently broken ankle who uses a cane to walk! My entire day of "hiking" was a 3k slow walk on a flat trail. I have attempted to get a refund, but the company has refused to communicate with me. The replacement guide told me David had another trip at the same time as mine, and chose the other, more lucrative, trip.



The trip was amazing. The climb especially. Not being used to horse riding it was quite exhausting but overall we were very satisfied with how the day went.

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