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Fewer places offer as diverse and scenic options for mountain biking adventures as Mexico does. From the mountains and deserts of the northwest to the tropical parts of the southeast, the country is full or gorgeous scenery and great mountain biking trails.

Exploring the cenotes, which are sinkholes, caves and Mayan ruins of the Yucatan peninsula is a great way to add a cultural element to your mountain biking adventure. Swimming in the sinkholes as well as the nearby sea is a great way to cool off on a hot day.

While not all of the volcanoes in the country can be climbed on bike, there are a few that can and doing so is highly advisable. Peaks such as Nevado de Toluca and Ajusco make for great climbs and offer some fantastic views as a reward for your efforts.

However, be sure to follow all the instructions of your guide and be fairly cautious in Mexico as crime has risen in recent years and kidnappings of tourists are not unheard of. Be sure not to advertise your wealth by wearing expensive clothes, watches and jewelry. Always use licensed taxis and ride hailing apps when traveling in cities. Avoid travel after dark and do not drive by yourself or at night.




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What’s the weather like?

Mexico is quite a big country and therefore has a quite diverse climate. South of Mexico City, expect hot summers and only slightly cooler winters, with most rain coming in the spring, summer and autumn. Farther north and west, expect hot summers, but colder winters. This part of the country is generally much drier too.

How to get there:

Any trip to Mexico will begin with a flight into the international airport in Mexico City (MEX). From here, you will likely transfer to a local airport closer to your final destination or meet your guide in Mexico City and transfer to the start of the trip together.



Country Code:



Mexican Peso (MXN), although US dollars are widely accepted in touristy spots.

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