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Mountain Climbing in China

Conquer the rugged and wild Chinese mountains, reach the roof of the world

A superpower of mountain climbing. A land of rocky giants. Unrivalled routes that take you to peak climbing experience. Ascending the mountains of China not only provide spectacular mountain climbing experiences, but also soak you in centuries-old cultures and historic gateways into the naturally rich and sacred slopes. Visit during the milder months between March and August for ideal mountain climbing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in China

The great mountains of China come with a wealth of history. When you’re tackling the sacred mountains of Tibet, you’re not only getting up close and personal with some of the world’s highest summits, but you’ll receive an immersive experience in Tibetan culture and customs, knowing that you’re exploring what many describe as the roof of the world, infused with a scared air emanating from the collection of mountain monasteries.


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Best time to visit

Visit during the milder months between March and August for ideal mountain climbing conditions

What's the weather like?

The vast landscape of China ranges in climate from desert in the north to subtropical in the south. The north and central regions receive much rain with hot summers and cold winters. The southern regions have tropical summers and cool winters

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The giant terrain of China lies on the Pacific coast in Southeast Asia. It is the third largest country in the world and holds the world’s most populous country, with 1.4 billion people. Its vast landscape is extremely diverse, from wide and rolling plains to sandy dunes, from snow-covered mountains to deep river valleys and high plateaus. China is home to endlessly breathtaking landscapes

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