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At 7,191 m (23,593 ft), Noijin Kangsang is the highest of the Lhagoi Kangri belt, and the closest mountain to Lhasa.



Good to know:

Country code



Renminbi (RMB)


Standard Tibetan

Best time to visit

During the autumn (March to June) and spring (September to November)


Very cold and snowy winters, rainy monsoon summers, windy autumns and sunny springs

How to get there

Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa, which is 185km south-west from Noijin Kangsang, near the main road between Nagartse and Gyantse. You can hire a vehicle or take a bus from there

More info about Mountain Climbing in Noijin Kangsang:

Noijin Kangsang is a stunning mountain in Tibet that is easy to access from Lhasa. Climbing this stunning peak will allow you to experience a remote mountaineering adventure in a unique location with amazing views.  There are two main routes to climb this stunning peak. The normal route up the East Ridge does not present great technical difficulties. The longer and historic south Karo La route climbs west of the Kara Glacier icefall to the SW ridge. Don’t miss the chance to climb the awe-inspiring Noijin Kangsang with one of the guides at



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