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Climbing Cayambe

Come touch the sky of the northern Andes!

Located within the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve about 70 kilometers from Quito, Cayambe is a magnificent 5,790-meter volcano. Thanks to its perpetual snow cap, its massive ice formations, and the rocky cracks near the summit, Cayambe is a great challenge for intrepid mountain climbers. Sign up for one of our guided tours below and head to the summit of a geological wonder in Ecuador! Explore-Share only promotes mountain trips led by certified guides.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Cayambe

Not only is it the third tallest peak in Ecuador, Cayambe is also the world's highest point that lies along the equator. The distinction of being the furthest point on Earth from the axis adds an extra bit of wonder to climbing this volcano. Being the third highest summit above the equator in the American continents doesn't hurt, either.


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Best Time to Visit:

This is a year-round objective for ambitious mountain climbers, but the conditions during autumn from October to January are the most accommodating for an excursion

How to Get There:

Reaching Cayambe is best done from Quito, roughly 70 kilometers to the south. Quito has an international airport that allows you relatively seamless entrance into the region


Cayambe has notoriously volatile weather. Snowstorms and high winds are common, creating substantial hazards for summit ascents. Plan accordingly by coming prepared for adverse weather

More info about Mountain Climbing in Cayambe:

Cayambe (5,790m) is one of the best climbs in Ecuador and the Andes. You should be in good physical shape to undertake the journey, even on the popular Standard Route. This ascent generally takes two days – one to reach the mountain hut and the next to reach the peak. The Cayambe Hut is located at 4,600 meters and provides accommodations to climbers on their way to the top. The volcano can usually be summited within a day, an exhilarating six-to-eight hour challenge. The Hermoso Glacier is nearby, offering a useful area to practice ice climbing and glacier travel. Along with snow, ice, and mixed climbing to the top, hiking and trail running are also popular activities in the region

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