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Located within the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve about 70 kilometers from Quito, Cayambe is a magnificent 5,790-meter volcano. Thanks to its perpetual snow cap, its massive ice formations, and the rocky cracks near the summit, Cayambe is a great challenge for intrepid mountain climbers. Sign up for one of our guided tours below and head to the summit of a geological wonder in Ecuador! Explore-Share only promotes mountain trips led by certified guides.


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Cayambe (5,790m) is one of the best climbs in Ecuador and the Andes. You should be in good physical shape to undertake the journey, even on the popular Standard Route. This ascent generally takes two days – one to reach the mountain hut and the next to reach the peak. The Cayambe Hut is located at 4,600 meters and provides accommodations to climbers on their way to the top. The volcano can usually be summited within a day, an exhilarating six-to-eight hour challenge. The Hermoso Glacier is nearby, offering a useful area to practice ice climbing and glacier travel. Along with snow, ice, and mixed climbing to the top, hiking and trail running are also popular activities in the region.



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Cayambe has notoriously volatile weather. Snowstorms and high winds are common, creating substantial hazards for summit ascents. Plan accordingly by coming prepared for adverse weather.




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How to Get There:

Reaching Cayambe is best done from Quito, roughly 70 kilometers to the south. Quito has an international airport that allows you relatively seamless entrance into the region.

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Best Time to Visit:

This is a year-round objective for ambitious mountain climbers, but the conditions during autumn from October to January are the most accommodating for an excursion.




What People Say

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Edgar was an excellent guide. I have little climbing experience and Edgar was very knowledgeable and instructive. He is a
life long climber and he has tons of experience and passion climbing through out the world. He was pleasant and a very nice guy. Unfortunately, the weather was very bad while I was in Ecuador so Edgar came up with a great alternative climb to Cayambe, which was not in good condition due to storms. He knows the mountains like the back of his hand and can relay tons of information, which makes the trip that much more enjoyable. His 4×4 transport and climbing equipment were all top notch. He understood safety and made sure to avoid unnecessary risks. I will climb with Edgar again.
Fernando is an excellent and knowledgeable guide, and the itinerary is a nice balance of climbs and recovery time, including
time to explore a couple of cities. He also made sure we were well-equipped for the climbs. The guides are geared more toward getting you up and down than toward building any technique. It’s not billed as an instructional course, so that’s not a complaint — just pointing it out for those who like to use one experience to build to another rather than just reach the summit.
A fantastic trip! Segundo was a wonderful guide and made the trip a lot of fun. Even during difficult weather
and when things didn’t go as expected, he kept a positive attitude and continued to motivate me when I was beginning to lose momentum. I would absolutely recommend this trip and Lonely Summits to anyone looking to visit the beautiful country of Ecuador – whether you’re an experienced climber or not, the services provided by Lonely Summits are fantastic for any skill level or price point.
This was a fantastic mountaineering trip to Ecuador. The altitude was a bit of a challenge, but Ramiro did a
great job with the acclimatization schedule leading up to the taller mountains. Overall, this was a challenging experience given the altitude of the climbs as well as the back-to-back climbing of four mountains. I would highly recommend this excursion for anyone who wants to experience a fantastic country/culture as well as someone who wants to gain some nice experience mountaineering!
Fredy Tipan is like a superhero of the outdoor world. He knows absolutely everyone, has climbed and guided in the
most epic of locations all around the world, knows the mountains like old friends, and really loves what he does and who he does it for. Our trip was completely messed up after an issue with our airline tickets. We weren’t going to be able to leave until a week after our planned departure which jeopardized our entire trek with Fredy. We didn’t expect him to take any sort of responsibility in replanning as it was our mistake that caused the airline issue but he absolutely did. Within days he rearranged the entire trek so that we would be able to summit all our desired peaks without cutting the days down and without changing the cost. He is a class act and an incredible guide and I’d say my husband and I both consider him a friend as well. We will definitely be booking another trip with Fredy Tipan and recommend him to anyone looking for the real deal in outdoor Guides. Thank you, Fredy!
It was a great experience. Everything was very well arranged and taken care of. The guide (Fernando Iza) was extremely
professional, safe, and friendly. I was very happy about everything, and would recommend booking with Fernando Iza for any hiking trip on Ecuador.
I have travelled for several years to climb and hike mountains all over the world. I’ve had numerous guides,
many of which were wonderful. However, I have to say, Edgar Parra has been the best climbing guide I’ve ever had. He was extremely professional, on time, motivated, encouraging, explained everything and translated for me (due to my lack of Spanish), adjusted our schedule when we had bad weather to ensure we were safe and yet still has a good experience climbing, and has a passion for mountains and climbing like nobody I’ve ever met before. I will most certainly come back to Ecudor specifically because of Edgar and his positive outlook on life and passion for mountain climbing. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to climb the mountains in Ecuador many of the other other countries he climbs in (Peru, Bolivia, and Russion to name a few more).
Edgar Parra is an excellent mountain guide. He cares about clients very well. Everything went super smoothly. I enjoyed the
trip a lot!

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