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Cotopaxi is located in the Ecuadorian Andes, and is the second-highest peak in Ecuador, which makes it an ideal vantage point to catch sight of awe-inspiring views of all that surrounds it.



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Spanish, Quechua

Best time to visit

Between June and September

How to get there

Cotopaxi is around 50 km (31 mi) away from Quito, Ecuador's capital. You can fly to Quito and from there, arrange transport


Temperatures in Cotopaxi are mild year-round without much variation, but October, November, March, and April are quite rainy. Also, temperatures at the summit of the mountain do get very cold

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The majestic Cotopaxi is just 50 km (31 mi) away from Ecuador’s capital, Quito. This beautiful mountain, considered sacred in the local traditions, is also a great training ground for more demanding climbs. Most programs to the summit include glacier training before the final climb to the top. There are three main routes to the summit: the normal route, the “rompe corazones” (heart breaker), and the southwest route. They all have a Grade II/PD grading although they are not always all open to climb. Going with a certified guide is a must, and at you will find just the right one to take you to the top of this breathtaking volcano in the Andes



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