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Cayambe, Chimborazo, 11 Day Guided Ascents

Cayambe climb
Chimborazo 1

Come and enjoy an 11 day climbing adventure where you will get to scale 2 of the most famous peaks in Ecuador, Cayambe and Chimborazo, with Raphael, an ASEGUIM certified guide.

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11 Days





There are a number of absolutely breathtaking volcanoes on the famous volcano avenue in Ecuador. And 2 of the most famous are Cayambe (5,790) and Chimborazo (6,310m), which you will get to climb on this 11 day trip.

Beginning in Quito, which is remarkably less than 90 kilometres away from the famed volcano avenue, we will transfer to the town of Otavalo. From Otavalo, the journey will begin.

Prior to climbing Cayambe and Chimborazo you will get to see and visit several amazing highlights in the area. Those highlights include several lakes: Cuicocha, Caricocha, Huarmicocha and Yanacocha, which you will get to hike around and admire, and the Fuya Fuya volcano (4,200m), which you will get to ascend. Hence giving you a chance to properly acclimatize for the climbs to come.

Another climb you will get to enjoy, and will also help you acclimatize even more, is Imbabura (4,600m). From the summit, you will be able to see the Yaguarcocha lagoon.

Following all of those highlights, on the second half of the trip, we will climb Cayambe and Chimborazo. The climbs will be long, and at times challenging. They will also take place at night, as both climbs begin at around midnight. However, the views you will get, as the sun rises on both occasions, are, to put it simply, unbelievable!

Cayambe and Chimborazo are spectacular peaks. And for 11 days, I would like to take you to each of their summits, while also exposing you to many more of the area’s most beautiful spots. So send me a request, come to Ecuador, and let the adventure begin.

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Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transport during the trip

- Permit and entrance fees

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

Price details

The price does not include insurance, additional beverages and personal equipment.


Day 1: Quito - Otavalo

We will leave from Quito to Otavalo and spend the night in a hotel.

Day 2: Otavalo - Cuicocha (3,500m)

After breakfast, we will take a short transfer to Cuicocha lake (3,100m) where we will start our hike around the lake to an altitude of 3,500 metres before returning and then going back to the hotel in Otavalo for the night.

Day 3: Otavalo - Fuya (4,200m) - Otavalo

Following breakfast we will hike for approximately 4 hours to the summit of Fuya. Afterwards, we will return to our hotel in Otavalo for the night.

Day 4: Otavalo - Imbabura (4,600m) - Otavalo

Today we will make our way to the summit of the Imbabura volcano before returning to our hotel in Otavalo. The ascent and descent should take approximately 6-7 hours.

Day 5: Otavalo - Cayambe (5,100m) -Oleas refuge (4,600m)

After breakfast, we will take a transfer to the town of Cayambe. From the town we will hike to the Oleas refuge where we will practice ice climbing, get acclimatized and spend the night.

Day 6: Cayambe

Today we will continue to practice ice climbing and continue to acclimatize. We will spend another night in the Oleas refuge.

Day 7: Cayambe summit (5,790) - Banos

Today we will wake up at midnight, prepare, eat breakfast, and make our way to the summit. If weather is agreeable, we should reach the summit by sunrise, where you can enjoy some amazing views. The climb should take approximately 6-7 hours. Afterwards, we will descend to the refuge, and then transfer to Banos, where we will spend the night.

Day 8: Rest day in Banos, city tour

Today we will spend the day in Banos, where you can relax and enjoy  a city tour.

Day 9: Banos - Riobamba - Whimper Hut (5,000m)

Today we will leave Banos and make our way to the Whimper refuge, where we will rest.

Day 10: Chimborazo summit (6,310m) - Quito

Early in the morning, we will make our way to the Chimborazo summit. The climb should take approximately 8-10 hours. Afterwards we will return to the Whimper refuge and take a transfer to Quito, where you will spend the night in a hotel.

Day 11: Transfer to airport

After breakfast, you will take a transfer to the airport where you will catch your flight home.




Oleas Refuge, Whimper hut, hotel in Quito, Banos and Otavalo.

More info

Participants on this trip should bring the following items: personal clothing, warm clothing, rain jacket, sunglasses, sun screen, gloves, tennis shoes or hiking boots, sleeping bag, head lamp.

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About the guide

Rafael was born in Quito and grew up in the Andean Region. Since childhood he Ioved hiking and climbing the mountains.

In the 80 ' He participated in expeditions in Peru, Bolivia South America. In the Alps and Pyrenees and also in the Pamir Pick Communism of 7500mts.
In the 90 ' He was the founder of the School of Guides ASEGUIM, President for 7 years of the Guides Association and promoted and formed the mountain rescue group GRA.

He graduated as Mountain Guide and Guides Instructor at the ENSA in Chamonix–France.

Since 2000 he have been advising, training and participating in 16 expeditions around the world: Alaska, Aconcagua, Alps, Pyrenees, Cordillera Blanca. He has also trained and counseled Ecuadorian climbers who managed to make the 14 eight thousands without auxiliary oxygen, the 7 highest peaks of the world and Big Walls. Since 2001 he started his Adventure Tour Company which operates successfully up to the present under the name of CLIM BIKE HIKE.

Since 2010 he has been training and participating in the project EVEREST without auxiliary oxygen in one day. He has climbed the EVEREST 2 times, and he has reached the summits of: Manaslu, Shisha Pangma, Aconcagua 7 times, Denali 5 times and the summits of the Alpes Materhorn, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Agille. Vert, Zugs Pitze among others.

During his 27 years of experience as a professional mountain guide Rafael has guided more than five hundred times to Cotopaxi volcano and more than one hundred times to Chimborazo, sharing with clients the culture and wonderful mountains of Ecuador.


French | English




Quito, Ecuador

What people are saying about Rafael Martinez

Kim Maud


January, 2023

Rafael was an amazing host! He provided all our accommodations and guides. Every detail was well planned out. He was very accommodating and flexible. He put a lot of thought into the acclimation hikes and logistics. I can not say enough good things about Rafael and ClimbBikeHike!!!

Dheeraj Bandaru


January, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Jesse Alloy


January, 2023

Rafael was an amazing guide — extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to climb in Ecuador!

wendy patheja


December, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.



November, 2022

This was a very well organized tour. Although Rafael was unable to continue after day 4 (due to unforeseen circumstances) he made sure l was able to continue with another guide. The acclimatization program worked wonders and l had no altitude issues in Chimborazo or Cayambe (back up as Cotopaxi was closed). I’d highly recommend this program if you are looking to get into mountaineering. I would climb with Rafael again.

Peter Krzanowsky


June, 2022

What a trip and what an adventure. Our guide, Rafael M, did an amazing job on our climbs. They were perfect logistically and his guiding skills are excellent. The original plan was an attempt at Cayambe, but due to the civil unrest occurring in Ecuador at the time, he totally re-adjusted our plan and itinerary and gave us the opportunity to stay in Cotopaxi National Park and climb Cotopaxi. The trip went off without a hitch, even with the last minute changes he had to make. The climb itself was excellent and Rafael showed many skills including pacing, navigating, and an overall focus on safety. We had rough conditions on Cotopaxi, but I felt safe and at ease with Rafael as our guide. I would highly recommend him to others looking at an attempt at an Ecuadorian volcano or other peaks in South America.

Renata Fialho de Oliveira


February, 2021

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Kateryna Deputat


February, 2021

Rafael was an amazing guide with many years of experience. The trip was planned very well from the begging till the end as well as acclimatisation. I get well prepared for high altitude. Highly recommended.

Kaleb Gerke


January, 2021

This was an excellent climb and Rafael is a very professional and experienced guide.



March, 2020

The traveller did not leave a comment.



February, 2020

Rafael is extremely professional and an excellent guide. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to climb Cotopaxi

Shaughn MC Arthur


February, 2020

Fantastic trip. Rafael is knowledgeable, extremely experienced and safety-focused. Great climb!

235 Junk


January, 2020

Overall very happy with the trip. The guide (not Rafael, one of his associates) had English skills that weren’t great, but other than that the trip was excellent and the guide was very attentive and helpful. Would climb with him again.

John Irish


December, 2019

The traveller did not leave a comment.



November, 2018

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Gabriel Mongeau


May, 2018

The trip was amazing ! Raphael was highly knowledgable and I had a great time.


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