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If you head to Cayambe (5,790m), you will be climbing on the world's highest spot on the equator, traipsing and travailing around the mountain from the most distant point on the Earth's axis. Not to be outdone, the top of Chimborazo (6,268m) is considered the point furthest away from the center of the Earth. Climb both of them and cover all of your far out bases.



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Country Code



United States Dollar


Spanish, as well as several indigenous languages

Best time to visit

June-August (Dry season), and December-February (Summer)

How to get there

To get to Ecuador you can fly in to the capital Quito, or to Guayaquil on the coast


The weather varies mostly according to altitude. The mountains and volcanoes will be cold, enough to keep a snow cap on Cayambe. The rest of the country can be hot in the summer around Quito, the coast, and in the rain forest. Dry season lasts from May to December, while the other months constitute the rainy season

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With its Inca ruins, towering volcanoes, vibrant native communities, thick Amazonian forest and scattered remote beaches, Ecuador is a destination well worth visiting for both its nature and its culture. Mountain climbing in Ecuador is a great way to enjoy its rugged wilderness and to practice this thrilling activity in challenging settings. Whether you are looking to put yourself to the test at high altitudes on more challenging climbs, or are a beginner, you will find the perfect mountain to climb in Ecuador. Of course, to get to the best spots and to be safe, it is always best to go with a certified local guide who will be able to sort out the logistics as well. And when you come down from climbing, make sure to try some of the flavorful local cuisine including ceviches, plantain and peanut dishes! Furthermore, you can explore the local towns and take back home beautiful knits and alpaca scarves



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